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Chicken Cutlets with Avocado-Poblano Sauce

4 Servings

50 minutes

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Classic mojo verde from the Canary Islands is a sauce made by blending cilantro and/or parsley, garlic, green peppers, cumin and oil. But on Tenerife, the largest of the islands, we learned a different version of mojo verde, one that included avocado and almonds that gave the sauce a creamy, velvety richness. We adapted that sauce for pairing with simple sautéed cumin-seasoned chicken cutlets.




Don’t use chicken cutlets that are thicker than ½ inch thick or they won’t cook as quickly and evenly. If yours are too thick, place them between two sheets of plastic wrap and gently pound them with a meat pounder to an even ½-inch thickness.

50 minutes


  • 2

    medium (6 ounces total) poblano chilies

  • 3

    teaspoons ground cumin, divided


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Lu E.
August 20, 2023
Sauce is amazing
This dish is so flavorful with this amazing sauce. I made it just as the recipe called for, and I am keeping this sauce in my arsenal as it could be used on anything, fish, beef, burgers, etc. Yum
Kristen S.
July 31, 2023
My absolute favorite dish!
This recipe is incredibly easy to whip up and it looks so beautiful when its plated. I love to make this when I'm trying to impress my guests. Occasionally its hard to find poblanos but you can easily substitute.
Bill O.
March 1, 2023
Very good dish
I'm more of a thigh guy, but I've got some breasts I wanted to use and this looked like a good vehicle. Did the chicken sous vide, then dried, added the spices and seared. The sauce was excellent. I made a Mexican potato salad with it that also featured poblanos.
Gail D.
December 17, 2022
Putting this one into rotation!
I made this dish last night and couldn't be more delighted. It's a great weeknight meal, and when I tasted the sauce, I was almost ready to ditch the chicken and just grab a spoon! I think this sauce would be great on fish, too!
Celia O.
November 17, 2022
This recipe came together relatively quickly (compared to many other Mexican-type recipes. The only thing I would do differently next time is season the cutlets with a sprinkling of salt followed by a sprinkling of cumin. The cutlets were saltier than we like (3/4 teaspoons after all). Otherwise, I nice recipe with a nice and easy result.
Dana K.

This was wonderful!!! What would you recommend for a side dish?

Felice N.

Delicious. I love poblanos. I had a jalapeño that needed to be eaten so I roasted that and added that as well. Loved the spice. This is easy and the sauce is versatile. Keeper.

Nancy D.

We served this over zucchini noodles. I did not cook them, but drizzled the sauce over them put the hot chicken onto them for a “wilted” texture. We loved it. The sauce was amazing.

Gregg C.

Great recipe and tasty sauce.. I served with sauteed escarole with garlic and was very happy with the way the flavors complimented each other. Lot's of extra sauce was great on eggs!

Jennifer K.

Loved this, split the sauce in half and added red pepper flakes to one

Teri K.

Delicious, served the Arroz Verde rice (green rice) on the side. Yummy! Perfect entree.

Jennifer B.

Really delicious, but the canary islands are a sad place. I searched high and low for native cooking one week and found nothing authentic

Debra M.

The avocado-poblano sauce really hit the mark. It was bright and well balanced. I had a few chicken thighs that I needed to cook and did them simply in the air fryer. I also had a chorizo (mexican) and potato dish on the side. The sauce simply goes well on anything and is a great variation for guacamole. Definitely a keeper!

Kyt B.

Delicious, added a Serrano to the sauce, great sauce, flavorful chicken

christine d.

This sauce is very tasty! I ended up adding the whole avocado and threw in a roasted jalapeno as Felice N. did. We've been finding a lot of recipes lately that use poblanos, this one is a winner.

Lisa W.

Can you substitute anything for the almonds as we have nut allergies? Or leave them out?

Lynn C.

Hi Lisa -

Eliminating the nuts will affect the texture of the sauce. Our recommendation would be to blend the sauce without the nuts and check the texture against the sauce in the picture to see if you need to add the water. If so, add the water a tablespoon or so at a time until the proper texture is achieved. Keep in mind that the nuts add fat too, so the sauce won't be as creamy. You might want to add a bit more olive oil as well to compensate. Good luck!

The Milk Street Team