Instant Pot

Breakfast Farro with Cardamom and Dried Apricots

6 Servings

40 minutes 10 minutes active

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Farro cooked until the grains are creamy-tender yet still plump makes a comforting hot breakfast, and is a nice change from standard oatmeal. We pressure cook pearled farro so there’s no need to stand over the pot and stir regularly. Cardamom brings out the floral notes in apricots; the combination pairs beautifully with the wheaty, nutty flavor of the farro. Top individual portions with yogurt for richness and honey for sweetenness.




Don't use whole-grain farro, as it won't cook through properly. Semi-pearled farro will work but may require a few additional minutes of cooking (Bob's Red Mill refers to their semi-pearled farro as “lightly scratched”). After opening the pot and stirring the farro, give the grains a taste. If still too firm, select Medium/Normal Sauté, bring to a simmer and cook, stirring often, until tender; press Cancel to turn off the pot, then continue with the recipe.

40 minutes

10 minutes active


  • 2

    tablespoons salted butter

  • cups pearled farro (see note)


Sandra M.

I would really like to see times that account for Natural Pressure Release. One of the wonderful advantages of the Instant Pot is that it is electronic and therefore there is the opportunity to set and forget (great for running between work meetings and tending to kids) . I am, by trial and error, figuring out my own equivalent NPR times, but it would be so helpful for this to be part of the standard instruction.

Sandra M.

I did 14 minutes low pressure NPR and that cooked it perfectly. However I found the seasoning to be way off. I halved the cardamon and still found it overpowering and the apricots were too much also.