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Instant Pot

Chicken Paprikash

4 Servings

FAST: 55 minutes
Slow: 3½ to 4½ hours 25 minutes active

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Pressure cooked in the Instant Pot, this Hungarian classic can be on the table in an hour, and with fewer than 10 ingredients. To streamline the process even more, prep the dill while the chicken cooks, as it’s not used until the end of cooking to finish the sauce and as a garnish. Paprika is a key ingredient in this dish, so make sure yours is fresh and fragrant; paprika that has gone stale and lost its flavor and color will result in a bland, lackluster stew. Buttered egg noodles are the perfect accompaniment.




Don’t use low-fat sour cream. It lacks richness and body and will make a lean, watery chicken paprikash.

FAST: 55 minutes
Slow: 3½ to 4½ hours

25 minutes active


  • 2

    tablespoons salted butter

  • 1

    large yellow onion, finely chopped


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James L.
March 25, 2024
Big flavor, easy to make
We have no familiarity with Hungarian cooking, but the ingredient list looked simple, the Instant Pot option looked appealing, so we gave it a shot. I only had a red onion in the house, which is not a great substitute - it almost burned in the pot, and the burn marker set off while it was pressure cooking. We used homemade vegetable broth instead of water, which might have brought some extra flavor, and a high quality local 2% fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Result was a moist, tender chicken and a generous amount of sauce that we're setting aside for asparagus, rice, and other potential applications. Will definitely make again!
Sharon S.
February 18, 2024
Yummy, comfort food kind of cold weather meal
This was easy to make, very good with egg noodles and roasted green beans. Would work well with boneless/skinless thighs and a presumably shorter cooking time.
Adam S.
December 9, 2023
Thumbs Up.
The family loved it.
Janet C.
February 4, 2023
Just wonderful
I grew up on my grandma's chicken paprikash for special occasions and this one hits the mark perfectly. The pressure cooker version is simply outstanding. Note: I see people commenting on the Burn message. When I made this for a friend and used her Instapot, I got that message but we just ignored it. When I cook it in my Ninja, I get no errors.
Christian K.
June 20, 2022
Delicious chicken paprikash
Very good recipe. Very good flavor. 10 minutes in the Instant Pot wasn't quite enough, so I sauteed it on high for a bit longer. Otherwise, cooking the dish went smoothly.
christine d.

Delicious! I used the saute function to brown the thighs skin down for extra flavor.

Margot M.

We added smoked paprika (instead of paprika), garlic and more onions!! It scrumptious on the stove slow method!!!

Debbie A.

How would I do this without an Instant Pot?

Murrie D.

follow the slow method using a conventional crock pot

Diana L.

I cooked it on the stove top for 3 hours and turns out pretty good. Once I put the chicken in, I just cover the pot and cook on Low. Its so simple to make and very delicious.

Susan A.

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Michele S.

Do you have a standard prep receipe? (Non- fast pot)

Ross G.

The final product was quite flavorful and chicken very tender. However, there were areas that I think could be improved. First, I received a “burned food” error requiring me to stop and add more liquid. This was a surprise, as it suggests the recipe has not been fully tested. I also found the chicken under seasoned and would salt it before cooking. Finally — and this is my general complaint about instapot — there did not seem to be significant time savings compared to cooking this conventionally. It is perhaps 20’ shorter, but 10’ of that time is waiting for the instapot up to pressure.

Terry S.

Would love to see recipe without use of an instant pot!

Lisa F.

This was DELICIOUS!!! Even my children loved it(and licked the plate clean)!


I like the addition of an Instant Pot recipe since I am using this tool in my kitchen a lot

Daniel J.

Has anybody tried this with chicken breasts?

Derek V.

It’s a little different but good none the less. Your not getting the marrow flavor out of the bones but if you use skin on breast you can get a little extra flavor by browning the skin a bit before cooking the onions. After that add it back into the pot to cook.

Lita S.

I had the same issue as Ross G and my pressure cooker returned a burned food error. It was quite difficult to clean the pot. I suggest that the instructions be tested using Low for pressure cooking, not high. I also added salt at the end. The dish is delicious.

Louis D.

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Peggy A G.

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Jennifer B.

I used a traditional slow cooker and it was fabulous. somehow I bought paprika from an asian spice store and it was spicy! improved the dish in my view. inserved with buttered poppy seed noodles.

Meredith Ray C.

JACKPOT! Finally a recipe from this collection that was perfect (for us) as written ((Zavor Pressure Cooker). No over or undercooking - super flavorful. Super easy. We love it and will add it to our regular rotation I feel sure. NOTE: I feel like I'm rolling the dice anytime I venture into cooking out of this printed edition. I know if it works it will be AMAZING but I'm 2 for 6. I'll keep trying...

Caprice S.

Made this tonight and it was delish! I opted to season the chicken with a bit of salt and pepper instead of the onions (as one review felt the chicken to be a bit bland). This is def a keeper.

George B.

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Lisa B.

Are you supposed to keep the skin on? The ingredient list says to remove, but written instructions and picture show skin on.

Lynn C.

Hi Lisa -

I know it's hard to tell, but the skin has actually been removed from the chicken in the photo. It's just nicely browned. The skin should be removed before cooking. The skin just gets soggy in the Instant Pot, but the bone-in chicken holds up better.

The Milk Street Team

Tricia S.

We really liked this. I upped the amount of dill, and adjusted with some Spanish smoked paprika at the end because my Hungarian paprika was a bit dull. I also used reduced fat Daisy sour cream- that’s what I had- and it worked fine. I don’t have an instapot, but it cooked beautifully in my cast iron Dutch oven on very low (post browning) on the stove top.

Morgan J.

Made this tonight, it came together quickly and I don’t have any strong complaints. The chicken was a little bland but the sauce was rich and delicious. We ate it with naan and while not traditional, it was a great accompaniment.