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Chili-Lime Salt

About ¼ Cup

5 minutes

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Sprinkle this salt onto corn on the cob for a take on Mexican street corn. It’s also great on black beans or pinto beans, as well as on grilled steak or chicken tucked into tortillas for tacos or fajitas. When making margaritas, use it to salt the rims of the glasses for a savory-sweet accent.

About ¼


5 minutes


  • 2

    tablespoons grated lime zest

  • 1

    tablespoon kosher salt

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Paula G.

How do you store it to keep for a long time?

James B.

My initial thoughts is to use a food saver. I would store in freezer those mixes that have zest in it.

Bruce H.

You can dry the lime zest and omit the brown sugar. Seal in a baggie or an airtight jar, and it should last for up to a year.

Michele R.

There are a zillion (I'm sure that is an accurate number) uses for this seasoning. Including on oven roasted diced sweet potatoes, 'salting' the rim on lemonade or limeade glasses for those who don't drink alcohol, sprinkling over an avocado on toast... We sometimes make a double batch as it keeps well in a little container for a couple of weeks. (The salt and sugar seem to help dry out / protect the zest.) We prefer sweet paprika to smoked.