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Coconut–Lemon Grass Shrimp with Rice

4 Servings

30 minutes

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Macadamia nuts bring richness and body to this flavorful coconut-based sauce; they're readily available stand-ins for the candlenuts commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking. If you can only find raw macadamia nuts, roast and cool them before adding to the blender. You can buy peeled shrimp, but make sure they have the tails attached; the tails are used to infuse the sauce. We preferred unrefined coconut oil for this dish because of its pronounced coconut flavor, but refined coconut oil worked well, too. Fresno chilies are fresh red chilies with mild heat; if you can't find them, substitute fresh cherry peppers.




Don’t fully cook the shrimp when searing them in the skillet. They'll finish cooking when they're returned to the sauce.

30 minutes


  • 1

    cup coconut milk

  • ½

    cup unsalted, roasted macadamia nuts


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Fred A.
May 29, 2022
This is a keeper!
The sauce is perfect and the first time thru I would allow a bit more time, but it is easy and the basic sauce would go great with fish and maybe chicken as well. Basically it's put everything in the blender, do a 1 min fry of the shrimp & sliced Fresno's, blister the shrimp shells, add the sauce, strain the sauce and finish the shrimp in the velvety sauce. The lime at the end does brighten it up. I served with Jasmine rice cooked with Coconut water and it was a hit.
Julia G.
January 12, 2024
Good but…..
The addition of lime juice and zest at the end seemed to throw off the balance of the flavors. It overpowered the lemongrass and sweetness. Made it for dinner for 3 of us and none were wowed.
Vince S.

This was a very tasty dish until I added the 2 tablespoons of lime juice at the end. Made it really, really tart. Next time I would add 1 tablespoon and taste before adding anymore.

Brenda H.

I purchased the Angkor Lemon Paste and want to use in this dish as you suggested . It contains other ingredients so not sure whether to reduce ginger or turmeric called for in the recipe.

Lynn C.

Hi Brenda -

No need to reduce the other ingredients. Just use 2 teaspoons of paste per stalk called for in the recipe.

The Milk Street Team