Flatbreads Filled with Pork, Green Olives and Feta

6 Servings

50 minutes

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Chef Ana Sortun had in mind the Greek sausage loukanika when she created the delicious filling for this flatbread. A blend of feta cheese and butter spread onto the flatbreads before they’re filled helps keep everything in place and adds richness and amazing flavor. We made small adjustments to her recipe, in particular offering the option to use flour tortillas if homemade yufka aren’t an option.




Don’t use a conventional (i.e., not nonstick) skillet or the flatbreads will stick to the pan as they cook.

50 minutes



Zelda C.

This was delicious! But I badly burned the flatbread. How do I avoid doing that and still melt the cheese and heat up the meat mixture?

Lynn C.

Hi Zelda -

If the heat on your stovetop is too hot over medium, we would suggest lowering the heat to medium-low or even low. Each stovetop's heat output is different so adjusting the temperature for your specific stovetop may be necessary. Additionally, the meat should still be pretty warm from cooking it just prior to filling. Feta cheese doesn't melt. It will become softer and gooey, but there's no need to wait for it to melt. Two minutes per side should be enough to brown the tortilla/flatbread, which is all you are really doing at that point in the recipe. Hope that helps!

The Milk Street Team