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Garlic Confit

½ Cup

20 minutes

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Garlic confit is an extremely handy flavor booster to have in the refrigerator. Not only can the creamy, sweet garlic cloves can be added to salad dressings, pan sauces, compound butters or simply smeared onto crusty bread, the aromatic oil is great drizzled onto soup, pasta and pizza, can be used to sauté vegetables or is a simple way to add flavor to cooked grains. Feel free to change up the flavorings in the confit—for instance, you may wish to use rosemary instead of thyme, toss in a couple dried whole chilies or add a strip or two of lemon zest.



20 minutes


  • 1

    large head garlic (about 16 cloves), cloves separated, peeled and thinly sliced

  • 3

    tablespoons salted butter

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Kay B.

Sure this is good, but it is an example of taking a simple process and making it seem complicated. All my life I have simmered garlic in butter to make fantastic garlic bread, slow cooked it in oil as a basis for seasoning. Oh well, some people need to feel the fancy!

Joy W.

This isn't "fancy". It's a good way to prepare garlic. It's not quite as raw this way, but it also isn't totally roasted, which makes the garlic very sweet. This isn't as BRIGHT as the raw garlic either. This is a "medium" point on the garlic flavor. It's a great way to prepare garlic for a lot of things. It only takes 15 minutes once you've prepped it. My only question would be what is the most efficient way to slice the cloves. I love using the Thyme with the garlic, they are great together.

Cathy B.

will this reduce the strong garlic aroma when cooking with lots of garlic?

Joy W.

Very likely not. It's really more a roasted garlic, which has a sweet aromatic quality. Just try doing it, it's jus a bulb of garlic, it won't kill ya.
Honestly, just try it.

Shawn Y S.

Can this be frozen? If so, freezing it in ice cube trays to add to dishes later would be a great way to preserve it.

Lynn C.

Hi Shawn -

Other than the obvious issues from freezing (loss of flavor, freezer burn or other "off" flavors), you can definitely freeze garlic confit. For these reasons we probably wouldn't freeze it for more than a couple of months, though.

The Milk Street Team

Jennifer B.

Not really sure what this is for, will figure something out.

Joy W.

A lot of things. Anything that calls for garlic. It would be great with saute'ed small tomatoes to make Bruschetta, or to introduce into an omelette, or added into any Italian dish. It's a soft subtle garlic flavor, not as bright as raw garlic, not as soft as roasted garlic. This is a perfect medium flavor to experience a beautiful garlic flavor.