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Ginger Beef with Rice Noodles and Herbs

4 Servings

40 minutes

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Our starting point for this dish was a recipe from Charles Phan of The Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco. Phan calls for flank steak in his re-creation of a beef stir-fry with noodles that he had in Hanoi. We, however, like the rich, meaty flavor of sirloin tips, a cut sometimes sold as flap meat or faux hanger. It's fine if the tips are in two or three pieces, as the meat will be sliced for serving. If you can't find sirloin tips, opt for flank steak. If the flank is of an even ½-inch thickness, it does not need to be pounded. We used Thai Kitchen thin rice noodles (sometimes called rice vermicelli). Check the package directions for soaking times, as they can vary. And if the noodles are in very long strands, snip them a few times with scissors after draining to make them easier to eat. If the taste of the fish sauce is too strong in the dressing, thin it with a few teaspoons of water.




Don’t skip pounding the sirloin tips. This allows the marinade to penetrate the muscle fibers and helps the meat cook evenly. Don't slice the meat immediately after cooking. A short rest allows the juices to redistribute.

40 minutes


  • ¼

    cup plus 1 tablespoon fish sauce, divided

  • 2

    tablespoons finely grated fresh ginger, divided


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Darin W.
October 1, 2023
Sunday Funday
Fabulous!! Used 2lb flank steak, marinated overnight. Grilled 6 min on each side over charcoal. Just delightfully delicious. Also used cashew instead of peanuts and toasted sesame oil in lieu of peanut oil.
Bernice T.
July 24, 2023
Easy and delicious
Have been wanting to make this for awhile- it is so easy and the dish turns out so well. I used a flank steak and I broiled it vs pan frying- as i was hoping to get some char on it. I used a lot of mint and cilantro which gives it that Vietnamese sensibility when you wrap it all together. I had butter lettuce leaves on the side too to make little wraps with noodles and the meat. Will make again (and again).
Andrew S.

A fantastic recipe, really more than the sum of its parts. I followed it to the letter except that I used flank steak and cooked it on the grill at high heat rather than in a skillet. The plentiful fresh herbs provide enough freshness that you almost don't need to serve it with anything else, but it is further enhanced with soft lettuce (great for wrapping the noodles and beef), cucumbers and radishes. Although not Vietnamese, it is also delicious with radish kimchi, which provides both flavor and crunch!

Nicole H.

Delicious! I had to use flank steak because thats what the store had, and they gave me 1.5 pounds so I increased the marinade by half to accommodate the extra beef. Maybe because my flank steak wasn't thin enough, but it should have been cooked a little bit longer than the recipe said. Next time I'll use a meat thermometer to check. This dish also made so much noodles, at least for my 2 person household! I had so much left over that I made the Vietnamese meatballs from the book the next night and served those with the noodles which was a good pairing.

stephanie e.

A family favorite recipe! We could eat this (and almost do) weekly with some slight additions or variations. Tonight I had skirt steak so used that but have also used sirloin tips. The rice noodle salad is so fresh and light and flavorful. Its great with other vegetables added like slivered peppers, snow peas,... Also good with grilled or sautéed shrimp, tofu, and of course chicken. Definitely try this one!