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Glazed Maple–Whole Wheat Muffins

By Briana Holt - Friend of Milk Street

12 Muffins

1½ hours Plus cooling and drying

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These two-grain, maple-sweetened breakfast treats were inspired by muffins baked by Friend of Milk Street Briana Holt at Tandem Bakery + Coffee in Portland, Maine. The smoky, caramel notes of pure maple syrup accentuate the nuttiness of whole-wheat flour, and a modest amount of cornmeal in the batter adds pleasing texture. Be sure to use fine cornmeal, not coarse stoneground, so the granules hydrate and soften properly. And for richest maple flavor, use the darkest syrup you can find. These muffins like to stick to the pan, so be sure to generously coat both the cups and the flat surface of the muffin pan and dust the cups with flour, even if your pan is nonstick. An easier alternative is to use baking spray such as Baker’s Joy or Pam for baking; these formulations include flour for simple one-step pan prep.




Don’t use Greek yogurt, as its moisture content is too low to properly hydrate the cornmeal and whole-wheat flour. Don’t make the glaze in advance—mix the ingredients just before you’re ready to glaze the muffins so it won’t begin to dry and harden. Finally, don’t glaze the muffins until they’re fully cooled to room temperature or their warmth will make it difficult for the glaze to cling.

1½ hours

Plus cooling and drying

For the muffins:

  • 32

    grams (¼ cup) all-purpose flour, plus more for the pan


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Ginny K.
June 7, 2022
My go-to muffins
I make these without the glaze and use them as a delicious breakfast muffin. The flavors meld wonderfully, without any one taking over, and the corn meal gives texture without turning into a crunch. These are my favorite breakfast muffins and I make them regularly!
Cindy S.
February 10, 2024
butter in the glaze?
on the show no butter in the glaze, on the website...butter???
Cindy S.
February 1, 2024
ingredients list??
On the show, Brianna uses citric acid and lemon juice, the written recipe says maple syrup and lemon juice. I notice you haven't answered the question of how much maple syrup. in the written, it says 1/2 c. Please advise before I try.
Cindy S.
February 12, 2024
please have someone fix recipe
i think someone needs to be responsible for the correctness of the recipes put on this website.
Brandon E.
January 19, 2024
Print Recipe vs. TV episode recipe
In the TV episode, Brianna talks about the merits of using citric acid in the glaze. That was interesting to me and I was looking forward to experimenting with this method. But then I see the print recipe and it makes no mention of citric acid. MS, can you please clarify?
Cynthia M.

In the glaze ingredients list it reads 1/2 maple syrup. Is that a half teaspoon, half tablespoon, half cup...?🤔


For the glaze what unit measurement are we to use for the 1/2 .... maple syrup?

Brian M.

For the glaze - the maple syrup measurement is incomplete....1/2 what? Tsp, Tbsp, Cup?

Sandra M.

This recipe is quite different to the show. Wish you published the actual recipe.

Lynn C.

Hi All -

I believe this has been updated to read "1/2 cup maple syrup" for the glaze. Thanks for letting us know about the omission!

The Milk Street Team

Diana L.

I made this last night. It is different than the video posted on youtube. These are delicious! I did not have whole wheat flour so used All purpose and I had Chobani non-fat plain yogurt (it says not to use Greek yogurt but that is all I had in my fridge). It turned out great. The best muffins I have ever had. My kid who is a very picky eater said that these are the best muffins. The glaze was not not runny but it was ok, I just used the knife to spread the glaze over muffins. Thanks for the recipe.

Edward Z.

When I watched the show Briana Holt used citric acid, this recipe does not list it as an ingredient, why? How much and when should it be included?

Lynn C.

Hi Edward -

We are so fortunate to have so many amazing chefs and bakers that agree to come on our tv show, be interviewed for our podcast, or contribute recipes and ideas to our magazine. In this case, Brianna Holt from Tandem Bakery in Portland, Maine presented her Maple-Glazed Whole Wheat Muffins on the show. Her version is done in her bakery and the original recipe, with 16 ingredients, was designed for her bakery's needs and scaled to bakery production. Therefore, our Milk Street team needed to scale the recipe down for a home cook and cut the ingredient list since, generally speaking, our readers and viewers prefer shorter ingredient lists and less overall prep work.

In the video, Brianna is making the glaze in her bakery using her recipe, which is designed for a larger yield of muffins. We chose to use lemon zest instead of citric acid because it allowed us to use one ingredient - lemons - in two different ways, juiced and zested, rather than calling for both lemon juice and citric acid.

I hope that helps clear up our decision-making in adapting Brianna's amazing muffin recipe into a more home cook-friendly version.

The Milk Street Team