Greek Peas with Potatoes and Herbs (Arakas Kokkinistos)

4 Servings

35 minutes

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The Greek name for this dish, arakas kokkinistos, translates as “reddened peas.” The version taught to us by Greek cooking instructor Argiro Barbarigou included tomato paste, and that’s what we call for here. Whereas traditional arakas kokkinistos is pea-centric, we've included a generous amount of potatoes and some carrots to give the stew-like dish enough substance and heft that it can be served as a vegetarian main. Lemon zest and juice added at the end, along with a generous dose of fresh herbs, brightens the flavors.




Don't allow the onion and garlic to brown. Cook only until the onion has softened, so the flavors remain light, without any caramelized notes. Don't use concentrated tomato paste from a tube, as it will muddy the flavors and make the dish too tomatoey. Don't thaw the peas before use; they can be added frozen to the pot.

35 minutes



John M.

This is an amazingly delicious recipe! Relatively easy to make with a big payoff. The combination of dill, mint and lemon works great, with no one flavor overpowering the other. Instead, they complement each other perfectly. Great idea adding potatoes and carrots to the original version. Highly recommended. Thanks once again, Diane!

Margie W.

This recipe is a winner! So delicious. Served with sauteed crispy chunks of leftover rotisserie chicken. Substituted Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth instead of water.

Ashley H.

Delicious! I used chicken broth instead of water but everything else the same. I loved it!