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Milk Street Recipe

Indian Black Pepper Chicken with Onions and Yogurt

40 minutes

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Indian Black Pepper Chicken with Onions and Yogurt

The spicy Indian curry known as murgh kali murch translates literally as “chicken black pepper,” and it inspired this quick weeknight dinner. Black pepper's pungency is balanced by the richness of whole-milk yogurt and the sweetness of lightly browned onions. To finish the dish, the ingredients are simmered uncovered until the chicken thighs are cloaked with a dryish, flavorful sauce. Serve with basmati rice or warmed naan.




Don't use preground black pepper. For bold, spicy kick, use fresh whole peppercorns and grind them just before use; you'll need a total of 2¼ teaspoons. Make sure to grind them coarsely so that the pepper has presence in the finished dish.

40 minutes

Jason J.

I accidentally doubled some of the ingredients in the "dryish sauce" - and ended up with a sauce condiment that my guests and I fell in love with. I'm still trying trying to recreate the wonderful accident of my first attempt at this dish, but my recommendation overall would be double or even triple all of the "sauce" components. Because even though in the original recipe the majority of it ends up as kind of a crust on the chicken, when you have a semiliquid version handy to dip into and/or to drizzle over other dishes, it's just amazing.

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