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Jamaican Chicken Fricassee

4 Servings

50 minutes

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For classic Jamaican chicken fricassee, the chicken is marinated and fried before it is braised until tender. This quick version captures the spicy, savory, sweet-tangy essence, but gets the dish on the table with minimal fuss. Keeping the habanero chili whole means the dish has temperate heat; if you’re looking to spice things, halve the habanero to expose the seeds and ribs, but remember to remove the chili halves before reducing the sauce.




Don’t underbrown the chicken thighs. Deep, rich browning not only renders fat so the finished dish won’t be greasy, the caramelization develops flavor so that the sauce tastes full and complex.

50 minutes


  • 4

    teaspoons Jamaican jerk seasoning, divided

  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper


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William L.
November 13, 2023
Amazing Jerk Chicken
I wasn't expecting it to wow me but it did. I created my own jerk seasoning. I used boneless thighs; I hate having to pull the cooked skin and bones out. Knowing that flavor was lost I used dark mushroom soy sauce that boosted the umami. Cutting the habanero in half resulted in a dish that was a bit to spicy for guests, but perfect for me. Who am I cooking for?
Katherine K.
June 7, 2024
Super good and easy
I used Penzey's Jamaican Jerk mix, which was good but I think mine had been on the shelf a bit too long as there wasn't a lot of flavor. But the skin was a beautiful mahogany color and very crisp. Meat was juicy and tender. Having leftovers tonight, the skin won't be as crisp but still looking forward to it.
Michael L.

Can we make our own Jerk Chicken seasoning? If so do you have a recipe ?

David E.

I just did--lots of recipes available online. It's basically garlic powder paprika allspice nutmeg some cinnamon, some cayenne, thyme. Only ingredient I didn't have was 2 tsp dried parsley cause who knew? I added a spice blend that had some dried parsley in it though it probably wasn't necessary. Worked just fine. Probably better than the stuff at the store since the nutmeg and allspice were freshly ground.

richard d.

not at all spicy. will cut the pepper in 1/2 next time. easy, yummy!

Rohini A.

My family loved it. My 13,11 and 4 year old were especially complimenting. Thank you for such a fast and flavorful take on chicken. My middle child isn’t a fan of Cuban fricase which my MIL makes. He licked his fingers with this recipe.

Tricia S.

The hubby ate a few bites and said, “This is a keeper.” I used a whole jalapeño (no habanero in the house) and puréed it into the finished sauce. I used an online recipe for the jerk seasoning and, like others, skipped the dried parsley. Super results - easy and great, deep flavors.

Dennis Alden D.

Awesome chicken! Even with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I thought the habanero might be too hot, but half of it disappeared into the sauce - even so, not too hot.