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Japanese-Style Beef Curry

4-6 Servings

1 hour 20 minutes active

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Curry likely arrived in Japan in the late 19th century with the British who ruled India at the time. The dish was adapted to suit local palates, and Japanese curry, as we now know it, is a much-loved food the world over. It is essentially a thick, savory-sweet, spiced sauce—sometimes ingredients are cooked in it, sometimes the sauce is spooned onto fried cutlets or even plain rice. Most home cooks use store-bought curry “bricks” to make Japanese curry, but we use a mixture of curry powder and garam masala to approximate the flavor. Serve this with steamed short-grain rice and, if you can find it, fukujinzuke, a crunchy, sweet-salty Japanese relish that almost always accompanies curry.




Don’t slice the carrots much larger than ¼ inch or the sauce will over-reduce and become too thick by the time the carrots are tender.

1 hour

20 minutes active


  • pounds boneless beef short ribs, trimmed and cut into ½-inch chunks

  • ¼

    cup all-purpose flour


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Kristine O.

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Felix P.

Great recipe. All the family loved and it was easy to make.

Kelly C.

Such a great recipe fast and easy. I did add a sweet potato 10 minutes into the summer because I like sweet potato in my curry.

Mary D.

In Okinawa Japan, they always made theirs with carrots and potatoes. We have enjoyed Japanese Curry for 20 plus years.

George B.

Wow, great adaptation to a classic! My school mate was Japanese and we would have have S&B "Brick" curry after school with rice and nori rolled into a handroll. I've always loved the flavors but never cared for the prepared curry as it usually contains MSG. This recipe successfully captured the essence of the umami rich Japanese curry dish I've become accustomed to. I served it over Korean potato starch noodles and was great. Thanks for the recipe!

Bianca T.

Delicious! Made it with homemade vegan spare ribs instead. Super easy :)

Archie A.

Amazing Amazing Amazing. Just like Japan. You really need that curry powder straight from the jar to get the right flavor.

Sean B.

I needed to cook the beef for an hour, rather than 25 minutes.

Scott P.

I made sure I used Madras curry to ensure it would have enough heat, and the resulting dish was fantastic. Moderately sticky Valencia rice pairs well with it.

Jennifer S.

A recent recipe for Japanese Chicken and Veg curry provided a recipe to make our own Japanese curry powder. Could that be used here in lieu of the jarred curry powder and garam masala?