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Kerala-Style Chicken Curry

6 Servings

1 hour

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Kerala-style chicken curry, also known as nadan khozi, is a classic dish from the southwestern coast of India. At APB Cook Studio in Mumbai, cooking instructor Anagha Nawathe taught us her version; this recipe is our adaptation. All the ingredients here—from the spices that form the flavor base, to the coconut milk for simmering the chicken, to the lime juice that brightens at the end—are bold and gutsy, yielding a curry that’s especially rich and intoxicatingly aromatic. Toasting the copious amount of spices is the first step in making the curry; this draws out the essential oils and heightens the spices’ flavors and fragrances. Serve with basmati rice.




Don’t cut back on the ground coriander. The ¼ cup—which is about two-thirds of a standard spice jar—may seem like too much, but coriander is an essential flavoring for the curry and the fineness of the powder helps thicken the sauce.

1 hour


  • ¼

    cup ground coriander

  • 2

    tablespoons garam masala


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Maria S.
January 16, 2023
Wonderful balance of flavors!
Followed the recipe exactly and it resulted in the most delicious dish with perfect balance of flavors and a wonderful creamy sauce!
Lawrence C.
September 27, 2022
Best Curry!
What we especially like about this recipe is the use of fresh spices rather than a curry powder or paste. Far more authentic and the best curry I've ever made (according to my wife). I cut back a bit on the potatoes and added an almost equal amount of cauliflower - a great combination. Next time I'll also throw in a handful or so of green peas. I also agree with another person's comment that the potatoes should be cooked with the chicken and not added 20 minutes later.
Craig B.
September 9, 2022
Very Good 24 Hours Later
This is very tasty if you let it sit 24 hours in the fridge. The flavora really blossom. Served straight after cooking it is just okay, but I highly recommend making it putting it in the fridge after it cools off and then reheating it a day later. Sauce was a bit thin so I added additional potato starch to thicken it.
Christine C.
May 31, 2022
Loved it
Really good - i added brocolli and sweet potatoes because I only had one pound of chicken tenders turned out great!
Kevin S.

We were pretty unhappy with the results, which was amplified by how excited we were to find a curry recipe that might be as tasty as we find in our restaurants in San Francisco. After giving it some thought, I think the failure here is with the potatoes: adding them after the first 20 minute braise - and then braising for another 20 while the potatoes cook - overcooked the chicken and flattened the spice's flavor. We'll try again, omitting the potatoes and serving over basmatti.

Bodi L.

We thought this was absolutely delicious. My 15 year old son said, "you should make this every week. I used baby potatoes, halved, and after 20 minutes the potatoes were cooked and the chicken still juicy. Served it over basmati rice, but it was even better the next day over flatbread. Used parsley instead of cilantro because that's what was at hand, and mitted the tomatoes because family members are tomato-phobic, but I bet it's even better with both called-for ingredients.

Sona E.

I loved this recipe. It was very flavorful given all of the spices. With the addition of the yukon gold potatoes, it's like a complete meal in one pot. Any substitution for the Coconut milk? It's sooo high in saturated fat.

Bill O.

My experience with Indian chicken dishes has been tikka masala and butter chicken. I found this to have more heat/warmth and earthiness with the large amount of toasted spices. We liked it very much, though, as a change of pace dish.

Mary B.

We loved these flavors. Made it vegetarian by substituting 1/2 tofu and 1/2 soy curls, and results were wonderful. Next time, I'll cut the potatoes smaller so that they cook more thoroughly, but otherwise, great!

Choi S.

I was a bit timid about trying the recipe, but my family enjoyed it. We used boneless chicken thighs (trimmed the excess fat), whole coriander seeds from our garden that we had dried and grounded, coconut cream (not the sweet stuff for cocktails). We cubed the potatoes to half an inch cube and started cooking it about 5 minutes after we added the chicken. We felt like it needed a little more savoriness so we added a teaspoon of fish sauce at the very end. Nothing like the curries we had ever had and we loved the warm complex favors

Jennifer B.

Chicken thighs aren't available in my town, sold out! Thanks covid. I used boneless skinless chicken breasts instead and it was still delicious. The sauce is the star.