Lemony Lentil-Kale Soup with Sweet Potatoes

4 Servings

50 minutes

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Lebanese adas bil hamod is a hearty soup of lentils, potatoes and greens, all lightened with a bright burst of lemon juice. For our version, we use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes for a bit of sweetness and a pop of color, and we simmer strips of lemon zest with the lentils to infuse the soup with a citrusy essence. Using a 5-ounce bag of already cleaned baby kale as the greens greatly simplifies prep.




Don’t forget to peel off the zest strips before juicing the lemons; they’re easier to remove when the fruits are whole. Use a sharp vegetable peeler to shave off long, thin strips, taking only the colored skin and leaving behind the bitter white pith beneath.

50 minutes



Jonathan W.
January 8, 2023
I made this with a purple sweet potato from a CSA farm box - looks kind of like borscht! Tastes delicious. Followed the recipe but then felt the kale disappeared too much- so I added another 5 ounce bag(we are greens fans). Definitely a keeper!
Nadine C.

I've made lentil many different ways, but this recipe is by far my favorite. w The contrast of the sweet potatoes and lemon are amazing delicious!

Laurie A.

Love this recipe! Easy and delicious! My vegan son was thrilled.
I am truly loving milk street recipes. I have made 4 this week. Fewer ingredients with lots of flavor makes cooking less time consuming and enjoyable! Thank you

Santiago N.

Outstanding recipe. I halved the proportion of ingredients and it was perfect for two people. I used regular kale, peeling the leaves off the stems and adding the chopped stems with the potatoes.

Astrid K.

Do you only add the chopped cilantro stems & not the cilantro leaves..or both?

Janelle C.

Hi Astrid,

Both! The recipe instructions note when to use the minced stems and chopped leaves.

The Milk Street Team

Keri E.

Ha! Going to make this because as I am sheltering in place and have lentils, sweet potatoes, and kale. I don't have cilantro or lemons.....So, I may add another herb or herb blend. (sumac? aldehyde C-11 MOA?) I have a ton of grapefruit from my neighbor's tree, and will replace lemon with that. We will see what happens!

Diana M.

So simple and yet so good. Made as is except for using canned lentils and adding chickpeas. This one is a keeper.

y h.

I made this and maybe it simmered too long. The sweet potatoes were bland and the lentils were grainy. My husband does not like kale so I used mustard greens. Wrong choice. Not sure how to fix this.