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Moroccan Ginger-Lemon Chicken Skewers

4 Servings

30 minutes

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Grilled lemon halves, drizzled with honey and squeezed over the charred chicken skewers, added a final note of sweet-tart acidity that helped balance all the bold, savory seasonings. Minced fresh cilantro, parsley or mint brings bright color and a herbal freshness to the dish. Use whichever you prefer, or any combination of the three.




Don’t marinate the chicken longer than 30 minutes. Any longer than that and the lemon juice and ginger will make it mushy.

30 minutes



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Bill S.
May 20, 2024
Good, tasty and easy recipe
Made it as exactly as the recipe called for. Enjoyed it. Make sure you oil your grill grates so that the chicken won't stick to it.
maureen s.
July 9, 2023
Very Good
I really liked the flavor of this chicken and the short marinating time. I don't understand why but the chicken stuck to the grill (cleaned that day). I am not a fan of skewers and wonder if this would be the same if the thighs were not cut and put on the skewer? Would definitely make this again.
Diana G.
July 4, 2023
Flavorful, Zesty and Light Chicken
I've made this several times; I make it inside the house. I bake the kabob first and then broil it for a few minutes. It's got a lovely flavor and is light, making it perfect for summer--and all other times!
Mary B.
June 22, 2023
I can’t stop eating it
This recipe is so delicious and the chicken is so moist, that I cannot stop eating it. I cooked it on my indoor stove grill and it is still so tasty!
Jennifer R.
September 10, 2022
Loved this
I changed up this recipe a little bit and loved the results because I didn't feel like firing up the grill. I cut the thighs into small pieces, marinated, then air fried them, and served them over quinoa.
Georgia M.

Brett says to double the amount of cumin and coriander. Also good broiled.

Edward A.

Phenomenal recipe I tripled recipe for a cookout with a bunch of other grilled meats. The chicken was gone in less than 20 minutes with people asking if there was anymore. This is hands down my all time favorite grilled chicken recipe. Make it you won't be disappointed.

Myrna A.

This is outstanding! An easy weekday meal - used the broiler and came out really good...can’t wait to grill outdoors!

Lisa B.

These were fabulous. Agree could use a little more of the spices, but exactly as-is these are interesting for adults and loved by kids with boring palettes. Made extra and the leftovers were wonderful chopped and tossed with cauliflower and quinoa or added to green salad.

Karen K.

this was really delicious. made half a recipe for me and my daughter. we love the lemony punch, and the broiled lemons added so much flavor. so easy and fast. great with rice.

Gary B.

I make this frequently as it’s a terrific recipe. I haven’t adjusted the spices but have added more garlic and ginger. Forget all that back and forth about the grill... on a gas grill cook for 8-10 minutes per side.

Clete G.

Made this last evening and it was delicious! But what is the point of the lemon halves? Garnish? If so, why top with honey? Thanks

Janelle C.

Hi Clete,

As stated in the recipe description, "Grilled lemon halves, drizzled with honey and squeezed over the charred chicken skewers, added a final note of sweet-tart acidity that helped balance all the bold, savory seasonings."

The Milk Street Team

Gail D.

This just moved to the top of my 'favorite grilled chicken recipes' list! SCRUMPTIOUS!

Jonathan M.

I made this, wondering if it would turn out better than it sounds. Holy skewers Batman, this is amazing!

Anne G.

Awesome recipe!!!!! Followed directions exactly and it turned out GREAT! Yum!!!!

Sharon S.

One of the best grilled chicken dishes ever! We love it so much that we have been making it every week. Incredible flavors. I thought the spices were adequate but will add a little more to see when I make it again tonight. We serve it with freekah and grilled green beans from the farmers market.

Stephanie W.

Is it possible to not use ginger? Maybe extra garlic or another spice? Hubby doesn’t like fresh ginger.... :/

Kate S.

Very good. I don't cook with these flavors often but my family and I liked it a lot and would try again.

Mike H.

Thank you for your comment! Your comment is currently under moderation and will appear shortly.

stephanie e.

Love this recipe and have made it many times. I may give it a try with swordfish skewers and/or lamb chops or kebobs too!

Anne W.

I have made this 3 times and it so good. I tried it in the oven as well and will boneless skinless thighs and no skewers and each time it is so delicious.

Mike T.

Should this be grilled with the grill top open or closed? Or does it not matter? New to the grill game

Lynn C.

Hi Mike -

Generally, when you are grilling quick-cooking foods like burgers, shrimp, thin steaks, or, in this case, small pieces of chicken, you want to grill with the top open. For longer-cooking foods, grill covered. We will usually note it in the recipe if we want you to cover the grill. The only exception to this rule is if you want to grill in the winter and live in a cold climate. The grill won't be able to keep up with the colder outdoor temp so you may need to cover it to keep the heat inside.

The Milk Street Team

Diana L.

This is very delicious recipe. I made it all Sprint and summer on my Traeger last year. I do not put honey on lemons but the same sauce that goes on the chicken. I also put the same exact sauce on other veggies: asparagus, tomatoes. If I need more time, I cut chicken into bigger pieces and they can seat for 45 min or longer. Btw, the sauce is enough for 2 and half pounds of chicken.

Craig B.

Very delicious. I added extra honey and olive oil after they were done. So delicious

George G.

This is an absolute masterpiece, one of the finest meals I've ever eaten anywhere. Seriously, drop whatever you are doing and go make this now.

This has become a go-to crowd pleaser, and every single person we've served it to has asked us for the recipe (so I send 'em over to Milk Street :), and there are never leftovers. Milk Street, you guys knocked it out of the park with this one.

Also, this is amazing served over couscous or rice, to sop up the drippings from the serving platter.