Chicken en Cocotte with Mushrooms, Leeks and Chives

4 Servings

1¾ hours 30 minutes active

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Mushrooms, leeks and garlic combine to make a delicious accompaniment to tender, juicy, perfectly cooked chicken. Lemon juice and whole-grain mustard perk up the butter-enriched wine sauce with bright acidity. To be efficient, chop the chives while the chicken cooks. Serve with mashed potatoes, egg noodles or steamed rice.




Don't be lax about washing the leeks. Their many layers trap a lot of dirt and sand. It's best to rinse them after slicing so you can get between the layers, then drain and pat them dry to remove excess moisture.

1¾ hours

30 minutes active


  • 4-4½

    pound whole chicken, wings tucked and legs tied

  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper


meghan R.
November 17, 2022
The mushrooms are amazing
I don’t really love mushrooms, but my husband does - so I tried this recipe. The mushroom-Leek sauce is just amazing. The chicken is perfectly cooked and moist but its really about the sauce. I serve it with potato’s. It’s become a regular and worthy of company.
meghan R.

The leeks and mushrooms taste amazing. One of my favorite meals is roast chicken so I struggle to sacrifice a whole bird to this method, however the sauce and mushrooms are so amazing it is worth it.