Pasta with Cherry Tomato Sauce and Pistachios

4 Servings

25 minutes

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Cooking whole cherry tomatoes in olive oil helps release their juices and melt them into a silky sauce. With chopped pistachios added for crunch, this pasta dish is bright and satisfying. If you like, season with fresh mint and grated lemon zest at the end for bright, fresh flavor.



25 minutes


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Candice O.
December 31, 2022
Quick, delicious. Added zest of half a lemon and T chopped mint. Would do whole lemon and more mint next time.
Kathy R.
August 19, 2022
Simple, fresh, hearty but not heavy
This recipe was divine! I have lots of tomatoes coming in now from my garden and this recipe was a real winner! it was very satisfying and the toasted pistachios really made a nice compliment to the sweet richness of the tomatoes and the pasta. As soon as we finished it I made another batch. I would love to cook this every week forever!
David M.

I made this recipe tonight. It was simply amazing. I love the technique of adding the pasta a little less than al dente. I cooked it for about 8 min. The pasta finishes cooking in the tomato sauce and that adds deep tomato flavor into the pasta. The pine nuts go perfectly with it too.

Jacob M J.

Is that a mint leaf I see in the photo?

Lynn C.

Hi Jacob -

Yes! As mentioned in the headnote, you can add fresh mint or grated lemon zest at the end for bright, fresh flavor.

The Milk Street Team

Chris W.

This has to be the worst recipe you ever published, not only do yo not say when to start the tomatoes, which is as soon as you boil the water, you don't say what temperature to cook the tomatoes, nor how long to cook them. "Cover & cook until a silky sauce"???????? HOW LONG?????

Chris W.

I commented 30 days ago, why is it taking a month? Why don't you put the temperature to cook the tomatoes, medium, medium high??? Your whole Cookish book is like that, WHY?

Lynn C.

Hi Chris -

Unfortunately we don't have an automated system for posting comments. I approve and post all comments for the website by hand and must have missed your post from March. I am so sorry!

This recipe (and others in this style) are from our new cookbook, Cookish. Cookish is a fresh take on fast food at home. Six ingredients. Minutes, not hours. Fresh, bold flavors for any night of the week. Here at Milk Street we make this possible by traveling the world to find new ingredient combinations and new cooking techniques that make Cookish possible. And these recipes are so simple that we say, “Make a Cookish recipe once and you can easily make it again, without the recipe.” Because of this, the recipes are short and don't exactly merit the "step" style we typically use in the magazine and in other cookbooks. Since everyone's stovetop heat yields somewhat different results, we chose to focus on the visual clue for the short recipes featured in our Cookish book. Look for words like simmer (medium-low), sear (medium-high or high), and soften (medium) to guide you to the right temperature setting and the visual clues to indicate doneness (in this case, "until the tomatoes burst" and "until a silky sauce"). In general, the cooking times are so minimal - less than 10 minutes - that, for this new style of cookbook, we chose not to include them. These are some of our favorite recipes because they are so quick and easy and open to experimentation. We hope you enjoy them too!

The Milk Street Team

Connie K.

I had been resisting joining Milk Street since I have so many sites that I currently follow, until I saw the post for this recipe. I was a little surprised at how vague the directions were but after viewing the video, I decided it didn’t look like rocket science. Then I read the reply from Lynn C on another post. It all makes sense now. It was a super simple and delicious recipe. It will definitely pull this out of my brain again in the future and may even impress my family & friends! Thank you!

Bonnie W.

How can I print this recipe? No option for that !

Lynn C.

Hi Bonnie -

To the left of the ingredient list is a tab for printing.

The Milk Street Team

Elaina S.

This recipe delivered what was promised - quick to put together and good, simple flavors. It was an excellent way to use up bunch of cherry tomatoes from the garden. I did throw in a few fresh herbs at the finish (basil) and instead of parmesan, a slice of mozzarella. Delicious!