Pasta with Golden Onions and Breadcrumbs

4 Servings

40 minutes

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This classic Venetian dish typically uses bigoli, a whole-wheat pasta shaped like fat spaghetti. We liked it with regular spaghetti, as well as with bucatini (also called perciatelli), a tubular spaghetti-like shape. Toasted breadcrumbs, or pangrattato in Italian, aren’t traditional, but they add a welcome crispness. We use Japanese-style panko for its light, airy texture and toast it in olive oil before mixing in chopped parsley and lemon zest.




Don’t rinse the anchovies before mincing, as this will wash away some flavor.

40 minutes



Alisa T.
July 18, 2022
So easy and yet still interesting
Probably the most interesting, nearly-instant dish I've made recently. Don't skimp on the parsley and lemon. It came together in literally minutes and dazzled my little pasta lovers at home, kids (and adults alike). Will make again.
Elizabeth S.

This was absolutely delicious and I will repeat. I’m curious on the anchovy measure. Why not just say a 2oz tin with oil or the tin size? Is it American size vs European size? My 2oz tin didn’t actually have the amt of anchovy oil needed so I figured it out so maybe that’s it but I’m always curious when recipes are written this way?