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Pasta with Potatoes, Gorgonzola and Fried Sage

4 Servings

40 minutes

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Gemelli and cavatappi are short, twisty pastas that combine nicely with crumbles of cheese and chunks of potato. We liked Gorgonzola, but any creamy blue cheese will work. The sauce tends to thicken if the pasta stands for more than a few minutes before serving; if needed, add more cooking water to thin the consistency.




Don't peel the potatoes. Their skins add color to the dish. And don't overcook the potatoes; they should retain a satisfyingly toothsome texture.

40 minutes


  • 12

    ounces small red or fingerling potatoes, cut into ½-inch pieces

  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper


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Gabriel M.

MMMMMMMMM!! Thank you for this recipe. Loved this dish!
Next time, I will consider less salt and a splash more vinegar on the potatoes.

Theodore A.

I was cooking for the whole family so I used Gorgonzola dolce which melted into the sauce but turned out excellent. I'll probably double the chives and sage next time because the fresh pungency of the herbs is a great offset to the richness of the butter and cheese. Great stuff.

Stephanie O.

wow! This was good but did anyone else think it was way too salty? I only added the salt in the pasta water and then I sprinkled the potatoes with a little. Thankfully I tasted the pasta and added unsalted butter. I also only added a tablespoon of butter and it turned out wonderfully! (I only had 1 tbsp left of unsalted)

Stuart B.

Good, but I recommend cutting the salt entirely. I used unsalted butter and less than the recommended amount for the pasta water, and felt it was still too salty. The suggestion to double the herbs is a good one, too! I'll try that next time as well.

Anne W.

I added 1.5 tbsp salt for the potatoes based on comments. Overall, this was ok, it was better the next day and I would also add more chives and sage to this recipe.

Daniel C.

This was pretty good and not difficult. I think the time in step two is a too tight. Once you start cooking the pasta it takes a few minutes just to get your pan up to temperature to fry the sage leaves. Between then actually frying the leaves and then browning the potatoes you turn around and you have to take your pasta out of the water to avoid overcooking. I would fry the sage leaves while the potatoes are cooking (during step one) so you only have to brown the potatoes while the pasta is cooking and your pan is already nice and hot. On the salt, I used half the salt (kosher) up front and more water so I didn't have any salt issues. I used salted butter and actually gave it a bit more salt at the end. I also agree that it could use more punchy flavors - fried sage isn't that strong of a flavor so using more would be better. I also used a red onion finely chopped instead of chives (I didn't have any chives).