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Plum Cake with Spiced Almond Crumble

12 to 14 Servings

1½ hours

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In this adaptation of a recipe from the award-winning book “Suqar” by Greg and Lucy Malouf, wedges of sweet-tart fresh plums melt into a rich, buttery cake, the whole thing finished with a nutty brown sugar and spice crumble that complements the plush, tender crumb hiding just beneath. This fruit-­forward cake is ideal for a weekend brunch, but special enough to serve as dessert after a summery meal. For prepping the baking pan or dish, we use baking spray, which is a mixture of oil and flour, to help guarantee that slices of the cake are easy to remove for serving. If you don’t have baking spray, butter the pan or dish, dust it with flour, then tap out the excess. Note that if you use a glass or ceramic baking dish rather than a metal pan, the baking times are slightly longer. If you like, dust the cake with powdered sugar just before serving, or spoon on a little whipped cream, gelato or ice cream.

12 to 14



Don’t leave the crumble mixture out at room temperature while you make the batter and for the first 25 to 30 minutes that the cake bakes. Freezing the topping and sprinkling it on midway through baking—as the recipe instructs—helps ensure it bakes up with a pleasantly pebbly, nubby texture and that it remains on the surface instead of sinking into the batter. Note that the butter for the crumble should be cool room temperature, but the butter for the cake must be at room temperature so it creams easily and yields a light, aerated batter.

1½ hours

For the Crumble

  • 48

    grams (½ cup) sliced almonds


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stephanie e.
August 7, 2022
A real summer pleasure!
We just loved the combinations of flavors in this cake. It really takes the fruit/streusal cake up many notches. The spices add a subtle but sophisticated flavor to the topping and the abundant plums are a delicious almost jammy contrast to the light moist cake and crispy topping. Easy to make and I will definitely try with other fruits in their season- figs and hazelnuts maybe??
Susanna C.

Absolutely delicious, so worth the effort. The spices bring another dimension to the flavor profile. Rates an “11” of out “10”.

Diana L.

I just made this cake. It came out delicious. I did not have plums but giant black berries. It worked pretty good. However, you do not need to add 1¼ cups of sugar. Its TOO MUCH. I am glad I did not. I put only 1/2 cup and it was plenty as the crumble is very sweet as well. If I have added 1¼ cups, it would be like eating nothing but sugar. You cannot taste your fruits with this much sugar. I also only added 1/4 teaspoons of cardamom and 1/4 tsp of coriander and no all spice. I am not a fan of All spice in baking. Overall, I would say its a great cake and its easy to make as well (can work with different fruits and berries).

Mary D.

I'd like to make this, but I admit to being a little leery about adding coriander to a dessert recipe. Was it a noticeable flavor or did it just blend in?

Ji Young K.

My husband and I both thought cardamom was the strongest spice coming through in the finished crumble topping. Coriander added an interesting citrus-y back note but was definitely not noticeable. :)

Ji Young K.

This is my new favorite Milk Street cake. It is just perfection. The cake itself is light and slightly tangy. The plums stay juicy and keep the cake moist, which is an excellent counterpart to the crisp, nutty crumble topping. It worked super well with frozen cranberries as well. I used all the spices listed and in the amount written. I thought it was just right. Coriander is such an underrated spice in baking, and I love that Milk Street loves to use it in desserts!