Rice and Peas (Risi e Bisi)

4 Servings

35 minutes 10 minutes active

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This traditional Venetian dish, usually made in spring when fresh peas are at their best, is similar to risotto but is slightly soupier and not quite as creamy. Short-grain Arborio rice worked best; it has the necessary starch to thicken the cooking liquid. High-quality Parmesan cheese is key to the dish's savoriness. Simmering the Parmesan rind in the broth is an easy way to add deep savory flavors.



35 minutes

10 minutes active


  • 6

    cups low-sodium chicken broth

  • 2

    sprigs fresh thyme


Nancy H.

Rough ride, takes about 1h 25 m to make. It is good, as is risotto when made with good stock. Pressure cooker risotto is a true 20-25 minute meal though, cook off a little less liquid after releasing pressure and you would have this as a 20-25 minute meal as well.

Michele R.

Good homemade broth is key here. With that caveat, this is delicious when made as written.

Michele R.

Take two and this time substituting guanciale - jowl bacon - being made by a local pasture raised hog rancher - for the pancetta. Also delicious. We almost always choose carnaroli when making any rice dish calling for arborio and that is what we used in this dish too both times. This is one of our fav recipe discoveries of 2020 pandemic cooking times.