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Shrimp and Couscous with Tomatoes and Toasted Almonds

4 Servings

40 minutes

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The city of Trapani, Sicily, is closer to North Africa than it is to mainland Italy, so it’s no surprise that Trapanese cuisine is strongly influenced by Moorish flavors and ingredients. Couscous alla trapanese combines the couscous and spices of the Maghreb with seafood harvested from the waters off Trapani. Our simple one-pot rendition of the dish cooks shrimp and couscous at the same time, but does so gently, using the residual heat trapped in a covered pot. Flat-leaf parsley adds both grassy herbal flavor and bright color. You’ll need a full bunch to obtain the 1 cup finely chopped stems and leaves that’s sautéed with the aromatics and the ¼ cup roughly chopped leaves for garnish.




Don’t use shrimp that are smaller than extra-large (21/25 per pound), as they will wind up tough and overcooked.

40 minutes



Kelly G.

I made this exactly as written, but it came out very "soupy" as if I should've used less water than stated or more couscous. It seemed a little bland as well, so I'll add some lemon juice and maybe some capers to the leftovers to see if that helps. Can these leftovers be frozen?

Rosalind G.

Kind of underwhelmed. I had high expectations after reading posts on Facebook. I will try this again using some fennel.
It may be the missing ingredient.

Darcy N.

My family enjoyed this. It was very easy to put together- perfect for a weeknight meal as there wasn’t even a lot of prep work. I think being sure to use the fire roasted tomatoes as opposed to subbing plain diced is important. The flavors are subtle and different than you normally expect in a tomato and shrimp dish (at least for me, as I haven’t eaten much North African cuisine) but once you have a couple bites it’s really quite good. Nice for little ones, too as it’s not spicy at all.

Benjamin S.

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