Spaghetti Squash with Lemon, Cream and Herbs

4 Servings

1¼ hours 25 minutes active

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Spaghetti squash is a mildly flavored variety with flesh that, as the name suggests, can be raked apart into long, spaghetti-like strands after cooking. In a recipe from “Root to Leaf,” Atlanta chef Steven Satterfield tosses roasted spaghetti squash with a light, creamy herb sauce. Not only did we riff on his combination of ingredients, we learned that halving the squash crosswise instead of lengthwise will yield the longest, most spaghetti-like strands because the fibers grow in a spiral around the seedy core of the squash. We think pumpkin seeds and sage leaves toasted in butter are perfect flavor and textural accents for this autumnal dish. If you wish to add a little heat to balance the richness of the dish, sprinkle red pepper flakes on as a garnish along with the parsley and sage-pumpkin seed mixture.




Don’t halve the squash lengthwise, as directed in most recipes. You’ll get the longest spaghetti-like strands if the squash is cut crosswise. Also, be sure to take the skillet off the heat while you remove some of the pumpkin seeds and sage so there’s little risk of scorching.

1¼ hours

25 minutes active


  • pound spaghetti squash, halved crosswise and seeded

  • 4

    tablespoons salted butter, cut into 1-tablespoon pieces, 1 tablespoon softened, divided


Jan W.
August 1, 2022
Good and different
I used the technique and all the flavorings of this recipe but lightened it considerably. I made a fresh sauce using garden tomatoes, and only one T of cream. This I folded into the spaghetti sauce along with the other ingredients from the recipe. So good with the lemon zest, sage and pumpkin seeds!
Matt R.
November 28, 2022
Perfect with Half the Lemon
I followed the recipe verbatim. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I regret adding 2tbs of lemon juice. Half the amount would have been ideal.
Tony L.

loved this recipe. my only comment is it needed more Parmesan cheese.