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Thai Stir-Fried Pork and Green Beans with Red Curry

4 Servings

30 minutes

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This Thai dish, called pad prik king moo, sometimes is referred to as a “dry curry.” Spicy, aromatic red curry paste is the core seasoning. But unlike in coconut-based curries, the ingredients here are stir-fried, and any moisture in the pan is reduced until the paste clings deliciously to the other ingredients. Chinese long beans are the classic vegetable for this stir-fry, but regular green beans work well in their place. As for the meat, we pass on lean, mild pork tenderloin. Pork shoulder—either a piece cut from a boneless roast or boneless shoulder steaks—is our first choice because the meat from this area contains enough fat to be flavorful and succulent. Boneless sirloin chops, which come from further back on the animal, work, too, but tend to be a little leaner. Serve with steamed jasmine rice.




Don’t worry if the pork slices are uneven in shape or if the pieces aren’t uniform. For the tenderest texture, what’s most important is that the meat be sliced no thicker than ⅛ inch. So that it’s easier to slice, you may wish to freeze the pork uncovered for about 20 minutes until partially frozen.

30 minutes


  • 1

    pound boneless pork shoulder, shoulder steaks or boneless pork sirloin chops

  • 1

    teaspoon plus 1 tablespoon grapeseed or other neutral oil, divided


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Silas H.
September 6, 2022
Worth a try
Found this recipe just okay. If I did it again, I would wait to add the green beans until the liquid was reduced more, they were a bit overcooked. Either that or reduce the broth to 1/3 cup instead of 1/2. Pork had a bit of a gritty texture.