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Tomato Conserva

2 cups

1 hour 30 minutes active

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Tomato conserva may range from sweet and jammy to savory and richly oily. Ours is rich and savory, with a velvety texture, perfect for smearing on bread or tossing with pasta. We developed this recipe with cherry or grape tomatoes, which tend to be reliably good no matter the season. We found simmering them in a generous amount of olive oil was the best way to render the fruits silky-tender and concentrate their sweetness. A generous dose of water added to the pot helps the tomatoes break down quickly while preventing their natural sugars from scorching before the mixture reduces to a thick, chunky consistency. The conserva will keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.




Don't be afraid to cook the tomatoes at a steady boil for the first 30 minutes; large bubbles should rapidly rise to the surface but the mixture shouldn't cook so vigorously that it foams. After 30 minutes, stir frequently to prevent scorching and help break up the tomatoes.

1 hour

30 minutes active



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Carrie G.
February 8, 2024
This is SO good and I absolutely plan to make time for this every week. It's so simple to prepare and I just popped it in the fridge for a couple days until I needed it. When I reheated it I added a tablespoon of butter and made it more of a pasta sauce using my immersion blender. It was a simple way to whip up a quick pasta dish and it was DELICIOUS. I did have a hard time figuring out how many pints of tomatoes to use, but maybe I'm just terrible at math. It worked out in the end!
Kerri H.
September 21, 2023
This is a great way to get a rich tomato flavor from cherry tomatoes! I plan to make small batches of this year round. Regarding the water content in the recipe: I forgot to add the water in the beginning stages of cooking. Based on the comments here, I decided to wait watch the water level in the saucepan and add water as needed. I never did add any water to my batch. I am wondering if the water requirements are based on the water content in the tomatoes?
Pamela A.
September 29, 2022
One of my favorite MS recipes!
I've made this as a full recipe, cut it in half and even in quarter portions - it works every time. I've also played with using different herbs, sometimes adding rosemary, sometimes thyme. This conserva, along with ricotta on bruschetta is my go-to breakfast!
Fred S.
April 21, 2023
Simple and flexible
I've made this condiment many time now and it never fails to please. Simple with few ingredients but open to additions to change the flavor profile. And it's a good way to use up your cherry/grape tomatoes too.
Sarah G.
August 16, 2023
Too much water
I think there's too much water added, as written. Mine was more of a sauce--and I cooked it for two hours. The video calls for half the oil and half the water, and I think those are better proportions.
Graham Thomas W.

I wonder how this could be tweaked for the Instant Pot?

Connie H.

Could this be done using heirloom tomatoes? German Johnson, black Krim? I believe they have more water content and a larger size.

Connie H.

I did try this recipe using larger heirlooms (black krim). I estimated 12 ounces/pint of grape tomatoes so I used 4 tomatoes weighing roughly 45 ounces total and quartered them. I followed the recipe but halved the water to 1 cup to compensate for the larger tomatoes and water content of heirlooms. It turned out excellent, although I had to reduce for longer than the recipe called for. I may try next time not adding any additional water. Highly recommend!

Stacey H.

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