Turkish-Style Flaky Flatbreads

Makes eight 10-inch flatbreads

1 hour plus resting and refrigeration

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We tried katmer, a flaky, unleavened flatbread sometimes sweetened with sugar, tahini and/or nuts, during a recent trip to Turkey. The bread’s thin profile, tender texture and golden-brown spots were reminiscent of lavash, but it boasted buttery-rich layers that lighten it considerably and made it especially delicious. A series of rolls and folds, with butter and oil brushed in between, create the dough’s signature flakiness. When the katmer hits a hot griddle or skillet, its layers steam apart. The folded dough packets can be made up to 24 hours in advance, then covered and refrigerated; there’s no need to let them come to room temperature before the final roll. Serve the finished breads warm or at room temperature with meze or as a part of a meal. The sweet version below is great for breakfast or as an accompaniment to coffee or tea.

Makes eight

10-inch flatbreads


Don’t shortcut the resting times for the dough. Without sufficient resting between steps, it will be difficult to roll the dough thinly without it springing back. Make sure to get the cast-iron skillet very hot before adding each flatbread, otherwise it won’t puff up.

1 hour

plus resting and refrigeration


  • 650

    grams (5 cups) all-purpose flour, plus more if needed and for dusting

  • 1

    teaspoon table salt


Kim V.
February 5, 2023
So easy and good!!
These were wonderful. Next time I may add some garlic and herbs to the oil butter mix. They were hard to manage in a 12” pan so I may make 16 instead of 8 as well. So delicious and flaky though!!