Braised Sausages and Lentils with Parsley-Caper Relish

4 Servings

55 minutes 20 minutes active

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The classic combination of sausages and lentils make a satisfying meal on a cold winter day. There are many ways to prepare the dish; we use a skillet, start to finish. Dark-green French lentils du Puy, which hold their shape beautifully when fully cooked, take their time to soften compared to other types of lentils, so they need to simmer for 20 minutes before the browned sausages are added to the pan. A quick lemon, caper and parsley relish served alongside adds a welcome pop of tangy, herbal and citrusy flavor.



55 minutes

20 minutes active



Kelsy B.
November 11, 2022
Easy Weeknight Meal
This dish was delicious and came together quickly, the relish really pulled the dish together.