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We chat about golf, Momofuku and why he loves really good cheap food.

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Keema matar requires minimum effort to satiate your fix in this 40-minute, one-skillet dish.

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A handful of freezer ingredients add up to an elegant dessert. Use fresh cherries, or go the frozen route. Either way, this is a dead-simple freeform sweet that is as fun to eat as it is to make.

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Salty, umami-rich Worcestershire sauce, along with rosemary and garlic, creates a rich baste for juicy beef. Now add a simple taleggio cheese sauce and you get burgers richer, more elegant and far more flavorful than your average cheeseburger.

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Say goodbye to bland and cloyingly sweet trifles - sour cream-spiked whipped cream, broiled meringues and roasted pistachios give our raspberry-rich take on the English-born Eton Mess the bittersweet balance it needs. Plus, you can whip it up in 25 minutes with just a handful of ingredients.

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The chef and author of "To Asia With Love" talks about her Chinese-Australian upbringing, Vegemite brownies and her mother's 40-year-old wok.

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Traditionally used for vegetables, the Japanese Nakiri has a thin blade that makes full contact with surfaces for smooth, fluid cutting.

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Milk Street's easy but flavorful recipes, sourced from around the world, highlight bold combinations of ingredients that will change the way you cook.


Here at Milk Street, we want to change the way you cook. If you want to have more fun - and more success - in the kitchen, join us at Milk Street.

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Milk Street Radio

The chef and author talks golf, the brutal first months of Momofuku and why he loves really good, cheap food.

Milk Street TV

Pastel Azteca, or Aztec Cake, is built from layers of corn, tortillas, sauce, meat and cheese. Watch how it's made on Milk Street TV.


Join the guest chef and third-generation restaurateur for a class on three ways to cook Chinese lo mein.

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Learn to improvise in the kitchen in this free class. Then explore the rest of virtual classes, from livestream to self-paced.


125 easy weeknight dinners that bring the flavors of the Mediterranean into your home!

Rice For Dinner
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A simple rice pilaf this is not. Full of flavor from smoky spices and a bright tomato puree, jollof rice, often eaten alongside stewed meats, deserves a spot at the center of the table. For a savory-sweet side, try frying a bunch of plantains.

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This elevated take on classic clean-out-the-fridge fried rice can be on the table in 50 minutes or less.

Change the Way You Cook With these Milk Street Favorites

Milk Street's coffee and tea sugars are inspired by global coffee traditions and will transform your morning cup.


Nothing slices like a Nakiri.


The creamiest, nuttiest and freshest tahini you'll find stateside.


Casablanca Market’s Whole Preserved Lemons are made from mellow beldi lemons grown in Taroudant in southern Morocco.


Skip the guesswork when using spices and transform basic ingredients like tomato sauce or rice into bold meals with these powerhouse blends.


Now simple midweek suppers will taste like Saturday night.


Two Milk Street knives to change the way you cook.


ButterUp has a built-in grater that creates spreadable ribbons from butter straight out of the fridge.


Mom’s Mala Sichuan Chili Sauce is an authentic, aromatic version of this hard-to-find condiment; available in Mild and Spicy.


The Cuisipro Box Grater features four broad cutting surfaces, quality craftsmanship and bonus features that we’ll actually use.


Huilerie Beaujolaise Calamansi Vinegar will transform everything from salads to cocktails.


Six Ingredients. Minutes, Not Hours. Fresh, Bold Flavors for Any Night of the Week.

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In Tabriz, Iran, yeralma yumurta—"potato egg" in Azerbaijani— is a popular on-the-go midday snack, served on flatbread for easy eating. Milk Street soft-cooks the eggs for jammy yolks that offset craggy crisp potatoes and tangy red pickles.

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Ditch the grocery store pitas for cushiony yogurt-olive oil flatbreads, fresh off a sizzling skillet

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Don’t want to commit to a full day of prepping and frying chicken? We’ve found a 30-minute solution.

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Hearty Castelluccio lentils are richly flavored with sweet, browned vegetables and umami-forward tomato paste.

Small Bites from Milk Street
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How Sandeep Agarwal, along with his wife, Nalini, keep the family business alive through their company, Pure Indian Foods.

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Wrapped? Frozen? We put each method to the test.

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Watch Director of Education Rosemary Gill show you how to make one of her childhood favorites.

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For the best butternut squash, brown before you braise.


Try this Garlilc-Chili Roasted Cauliflower and get back to us.

Try our Shrimp, Orzo and Zucchini with Ouzo and Mint.

Orange zest and coriander flavor this surprisingly simple yogurt cake.

Milk Street Tips

We tested unlined versus aluminum foil and parchment paper and got a surprising answer.

When searing or frying, it’s a pressing matter.

We're talking about 12 loaves from one packet.


From pasta to risotto to liqueur, lemons come first.

Find out where one of our favorite ingredients comes from—and how to use it on a rib eye.

Taste the difference in our Kadai Chicken Curry.

Milk Street Store

Dress salads, drizzle and flavor.

Create a tight seal with these versatile food huggers.

Subtly sweet, mellow and full of umami, this condiment both seasons and sweetens.

Friends of Milk Street

Find out what the cookbook author uses on everything.

The author who literally wrote the book on quick weeknight meals shares tips.

Take notes from Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of Honey & Co.

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Kimball makes three recipes from Tuesday Night Mediterranean!

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