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Rich, earthy, and bright, carne adovado is the unofficial dish of New Mexico, and with good reason: the combination of rich braised pork and bright-and-fruity chili sauce is hard to beat. Our version uses two kinds of chilies, ramping up the flavor for an unforgettable dish.

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The perfect sweet potatoes are all about balance: sweet but not too sweet, tender yet crispy. This recipe will get you there. Quarter-inch slices are tossed with fruity acid, rings of shallot, and earthy spices, yielding tender, buttery rounds with crisped, browned edges that are sweet but not cloying.

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Cardamom buns are one of the rare items we just can’t get sick of.

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Skip the boxed broth—build a deeply sweet and savory base with tomato paste and garlic in this Turkish chicken and orzo soup. After browning, chicken thighs and water cook together for all the complexity you need.

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The chef and author of "To Asia With Love" talks about her Chinese-Australian upbringing, Vegemite brownies and her mother's 40-year-old wok.

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Flavorful and buttery—and far superior to what you’ll find at the grocery store—this blended oil shines as a finishing touch and is affordable enough for everyday cooking.

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Milk Street's easy but flavorful recipes, sourced from around the world, highlight bold combinations of ingredients that will change the way you cook.

Sake soy braised kabocha squash v

Here at Milk Street, we want to change the way you cook. If you want to have more fun - and more success - in the kitchen, join us at Milk Street.

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The TikTok star talks the most delicious weeds in your backyard, the joys of mushroom jerky and her cross-country journey to make seaweed panna cotta.

Milk Street TV

Writer Paola Briseño-González shows us her variation on a Mexican speciality: a rustic banana custard pie with a crackly-crisp brûléed surface. Watch now on Milk Street TV.


Join author Anas Atassi to make Muhammara, toshka and musabaha, three delectable Syrian dishes that belong in your culinary vocabulary.

Milk Street Cooking School

Learn to improvise in the kitchen in this free class. Then explore the rest of virtual classes, from livestream to self-paced.


125 easy weeknight dinners that bring the flavors of the Mediterranean into your home!

Cold Weather Comfort
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Here’s our much-simplified version of Indian chole baigan, an eggplant and chickpea curry with deep, sweet flavor. With a few core Milk Street flavor-building techniques, a whopping 1/4 cup of tomato paste, and just curry powder, preparation is a breeze.

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French technique meets Vietnamese flavor in this fragrant twist on a classic beef stew, courtesy of literature teacher and home cook Nguyên Thį Thúy. By not browning the meat, the stew's flavors are crisper and clearer—the herbs and spices come through loud and clear.

Change the Way You Cook With these Milk Street Favorites

The creamiest, nuttiest and freshest tahini you'll find stateside.


Highly regarded in Japan, the Namikura Miso Company uses the traditional koji method to produce this superior white miso.


Casablanca Market’s Whole Preserved Lemons are made from mellow beldi lemons grown in Taroudant in southern Morocco.


Slice and mince garlic with ease using this brilliant, safe, bestselling tool.


Three blade indentations—varying from fine teeth to broad scallops—make this knife a cut above the rest.

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Roasting broccoli on a heated baking sheet in a blistering hot oven gets the vegetable to char, bringing forth deep, nutty, bittersweet flavors

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Using not one, but two, types of paprika adds surprising complexity to a super-simple salad of avocado, arugula and smoked almonds.

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In this recipe, crisp chard stems, quick-pickled in lemon juice, accent the creamy lentils, making for a can't-miss vegetarian dinner.

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Fresh ginger and umami-rich fish sauce pack big flavor into this simple beef and noodle salad.

Small Bites from Milk Street
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Want to maximize the flavor of canned beans? Heat them first, then add your dressing. Watch now to see how it's done.

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Save weeknight meals with this flavor-boosting super condiment.

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When it comes to pasta, the less water, the better.

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Ready to use up ripe avocados? You could make guacamole, but you can do so much more! Watch Director of Education Rosemary Gill show you three ways to use them.


Try this Garlilc-Chili Roasted Cauliflower and get back to us.

Try our Shrimp, Orzo and Zucchini with Ouzo and Mint.

Orange zest and coriander flavor this surprisingly simple yogurt cake.

Milk Street Tips

We tested unlined versus aluminum foil and parchment paper and got a surprising answer.

When searing or frying, it’s a pressing matter.

We're talking about 12 loaves from one packet.


From pasta to risotto to liqueur, lemons come first.

Find out where one of our favorite ingredients comes from—and how to use it on a rib eye.

Taste the difference in our Kadai Chicken Curry.

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Dress salads, drizzle and flavor.

Create a tight seal with these versatile food huggers.

Subtly sweet, mellow and full of umami, this condiment both seasons and sweetens.

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Find out what the cookbook author uses on everything.

The author who literally wrote the book on quick weeknight meals shares tips.

Take notes from Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of Honey & Co.

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Kimball makes three recipes from Tuesday Night Mediterranean!

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