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The New Home Cooking
Welcome to Milk Street

Welcome to Milk Street

You know me – I’m the guy with the bow tie

You know me – I’m the guy with the bow tie

Christopher Kimball at 177 Milk Street in Boston

My dream has always been to teach folks how to cook. At Milk Street I get to introduce a whole new approach I call the new home cooking. Together, we’ll explore a lively new kind of cooking that’s both simpler and smarter, yet familiar. At our home at 177 Milk Street in Boston, we film our television show, record our radio show, and teach classes at our cooking school. Milk Street is where I can bring my 35 years of experience to the foolproof recipes that will change how you cook forever.

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We look to charred lemons to boost the flavor of chicken

Moroccan Ginger-Lemon Chicken Skewers

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July 19, 2018
New at Milk Street
Opinel Breakfast Knife

Opinel Breakfast Knife

A thin, flexible knife that's made for way more than just breakfast.