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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


Chilled tomato soup as flavorful as gazpacho, with half the ingredients

Andalusian Tomato and Bread Soup (Salmorejo)

15 minutes Plus chilling

If peak-season, perfectly ripe tomatoes are available, use them in this simple but richly flavored, no-cook chilled soup. Otherwise, Campari or cocktail tomatoes are a good choice, as they are dependably sweet year-round. Excellent results also require high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, so make sure the oil you use does not have bitter or harsh notes. Bread helps thicken the soup and gives it its creamy consistency; choose a crusty, country-style loaf with a relatively soft interior so the bread blends easily into the soup, but remember to remove the crust. To keep the soup chilled for as long as possible at the table, we like to refrigerate the serving bowls.

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