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If we all had a penny for the number of times we have read the word balsamic in menus, magazines, market shelves and advertisements, we’d be happily retired pursuing our passions by now. But most of the stuff we use and eat is a far cry from traditional aceto balsamico. So what is it that distinguishes a balsamic from a true balsamico? Viola Buitoni and Mariangela Montanari will show and tell us in this 75-minute livestream cooking conversation. Mariangela is a traditional balsamic vinegar producer who owns Acetaia Ca dal Non. She will tune in straight from her acetaia in the province of Modena to tell us how and why she makes this labor of love, and Viola will teach you how to use it. We’ll make pere al forno con lardo, nocciole e balsamici tradizionale — baked pears with lardo, hazelnuts and traditional balsamic — and pennette alla zucca, ricotta salata e balsamico tradizionale — penne with winter squash, aged ricotta and traditional balsamic.

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Join chef and butcher James Peisker for an evening discussing all things pork. As the co-founder of whole animal butcher shop Porter Road, James has expertise on the entire meat supply chain from the farm to your fork. In this 75-minute interactive livestream cooking class, James will talk about all the major sections of the pig—where they come from on the animal, how the muscles are used on pasture, and how that translates to unique flavors and cooking recommendations. You’ll leave this class much more empowered at the butcher counter and in the kitchen to choose the best cuts and cook them correctly. As part of the class, James will demonstrate cooking a skillet pork chop with shallot-balsamic jam.

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As an Insider, you always get free standard shipping in the Milk Street Store to U.S. addresses. Make sure you are logged in as an Insider before shopping to guarantee that standard shipping is free.

The perfect balance between a chef’s knife and a paring knife, the Kitchin-tan™ is the smaller, all-purpose relative of our signature Kitchin-to™ knife, which is a unique cross between a Japanese vegetable knife and a Chinese cleaver.


Made from rare Alphonso mangos, this puree tastes just like biting into one of the juicy fruits during peak season.


Three blade indentations—varying from fine teeth to broad scallops—make this knife a cut above the rest (and a personal favorite of Matthew Card, Milk Street’s creative director of recipes and products).


This Turkish tool is the secret to perfect char-roasted vegetables, especially if you don’t have a grill or fire pit.


Peeled, sliced and simmered in small batches, our garlic confit means that you never have to prep garlic ever again!

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