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Julia Turshen has always been cooking. As a kid, she skipped the Easy-Bake Oven and went straight to the real thing. Throughout her life, cooking has remained a constant, and as readers of her books know, Julia’s approach to food is about so much more than putting dinner on the table: It is about love, community, connection, and nourishment of the body and soul. Join Julia and learn to make three recipes from her latest book, “Simply Julia.”

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In 2020, many of us took our coffee shop habits to the home kitchen. In 2021, it’s time to become the best home barista you know. Join Andrew Coe, head roaster at Elevator Coffee in Portland, Oregon, for a class all about home-brewing coffee like a pro. In this 75-minute interactive class, Andrew will walk you through the basics of brewing a great cup of coffee (hint: it’s all about balance, body and finish). He’ll also introduce you to the basics of coffee chemistry and will give you an insider’s take on the language used to describe coffee. He’ll demonstrate three different brewing methods—using a simple pour-over technique, a French press and a Palmpress—and discuss the advantages of each. Along the way, Andrew will answer any coffee questions you have. Whether you're a coffee amateur or connoisseur, this class will take your coffee game to the next level.

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As an Insider, you always get free standard shipping in the Milk Street Store to U.S. addresses. Make sure you are logged in as an Insider before shopping to guarantee that standard shipping is free.

It's a wonderful all-purpose seasoning that adds savoriness and earthiness to anything.


We love this Swedish-made Skeppshult Cast Iron Spice Mill.


Just a spoonful can galvanize dishes like blanched greens or braised pork.


Our Christopher Kimball 6-Inch Nakiri Knife is great for beginners and pros alike.


It also works wonders on Pyrex, carbon steel and stainless pans.

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