Chicken and Cauliflower Traybake with Roasted Garlic–Yogurt Sauce

4 Servings

50 minutes

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The cauliflower in this simple traybake serves two purposes: it’s a delicious side to the roasted chicken and it’s the base for the creamy sauce that accompanies the dish. We use sweet paprika in the spice mixture, but if you like you could use smoked paprika for an earthy, woodsy flavor or hot paprika to add heat.




Don't use a large head of cauliflower because there won't be enough space on the baking sheet for both the chicken and cauliflower. Don't cut the cauliflower into small florets, which will overcook in the time it takes the chicken to roast.

50 minutes



Michael F.
February 20, 2023
A family fave
This traybake is our favorite from Milk street. I assemble the sauce in a blender to make it more smooth. I do not add any water to it. I simply add the juices from the tray to the blender with the yogurt mixture. At the end, I add the herbs for another quick pulse. Thanks again team.
Sandra S.
December 13, 2022
outstanding flavor, just a wee bit salty
Have made this a couple times now, and we love the flavors and textures. However, the 1 TBS added to the spice mixture for the chicken seems overkill. Dropping that to 1 tsp has made it more palatable for our household.
Ken F.
January 22, 2023
Excellent tray bake
Easy to throw together with very tasty ending.
Diana L.

This was delicious. I couldn't make the garlic and cauliflower into a paste with a fork. I think it needs a small blender. The flavors were amazing. Thank you for another great recipe.

Sandra S.

Dynamite—maybe my favorite tray bake recipe to date. Used all thighs. Sauce packs a punch...complex, and creamy, and bright all at the same time. I upped the sauce ingredients by 50% (except the water) and would do the same again. Very curious if it has a specific ethnic origin...

Dina O.

My family loved it. Even the 8 year old. Everyone wanted to know why I made such a small batch. We decided the leftover vet sauce makes an excellent salad dressing!

Donna K.

Way too much salt! The extra 1T in step one seems a mistake. Otherwise, this is a fabulous recipe.

Lynn C.

Hi Donna -

This recipe was developed using Diamond Crystal kosher salt which has a larger grain size than other kosher salt brands (or table salt). We recently switched to Morton's Coarse kosher salt and are in the process of altering the amounts of our recipes to reflect this. This recipe still reflects the original amount of salt used in development. If you are using a different brand of kosher salt you want to reduce the salt amount by about half.

The Milk Street Team

Connie S.

Hi all. I also thought this much too salty - and I’m a salt lover. I used Diamond Crystal, so it’s not the brand. Just too much salt. Still very yummy, though.