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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


A skillet bread that’s crispy, chewy, salty and savory—and easy to make

Chinese Sesame-Scallion Bread

2 hours 30 minutes active

This bread, known as zhima dabing—which translates as “large sesame pancake”—is similar to Chinese scallion pancakes, but is larger, thicker and has a lighter, fluffier crumb. The addition of sweet (also called glutinous) rice flour gives the crust a unique crispness and the interior a satisfying chew. If you can't find sweet rice flour with the baking ingredients, check the Asian aisle for a white box labeled “mochiko,” the Japanese term for the flour. Chop the scallions by thinly slicing them first, then running the knife over them a few times to further break them down. To keep the scallions fresh, prep them toward the end of the dough's one-hour rising time.

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