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Fideos with Chorizo and Arugula

4 Servings

30 minutes

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Spanish fideos are thin, vermicelli-like noodles that typically are used to make a paella-like dish also called fideos. The noodles are toasted until golden before cooking to bring out a nutty flavor and aroma. In this recipe, we match vermicelli or angel hair pasta, broken into small pieces, with rich and meaty Spanish chorizo, fire-roasted tomatoes that accentuate the smoky notes of the sausage, and peppery arugula or grassy parsley for fresh color and flavor. A simple salad and/or crusty bread are perfect accompaniments.



30 minutes


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Tim R.

I tried this recipe the other night. The recipe was easy to follow, but had some shortcomings. The Spanish chorizo I used probably was intended to supply the heat, but it didn't. I should have added 1/4-1/2t red pepper flakes. While the whole recipe takes 30 minutes, (which I assume includes prep,) there were to times associated with the individual steps. Some other problems: If you toast the pasta in the chorizo-infused oil, it absorbs some of the oil turning it red, thus making it impossible to judge the toasting by color. If you cook the pasta until it is tender, it will be overcooked by the time the arugula is wilted and the chorizo is warmed through. It would be better to specify ingredients by weight rather than by volume, e.g., what is a lightly-packed cup? To my taste, the recipe needed a little heat. You may have assumed that the chorizo would have provided that, but the Spanish chorizo I used did not. Perhaps a note should include the option of adding 1/4-1/2t red pepper flakes if a taste of the pasta cooking liquid doesn't present sufficient "kick". And, finally, while I assume that the 30 minutes includes prep and cook time, it would be better if you gave approximate cooking times for the individual steps.