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Chutney-Glazed Spatchcocked Chicken

4 Servings

1 hour 20 minutes 20 minutes active

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Spatchcocking a chicken—that is, cutting out its backbone and opening up and flattening the bird—allows for even browning and relatively quick cooking because all of the meat is on the same plane. For this spatchcocked bird, we make a simple glaze with fruity, tangy-sweet mango chutney mixed with butter for richness, ground ginger for warm spiciness and turmeric for savoriness and golden color. If your mango chutney is especially chunky, mash it with a fork or spoon to break up the large pieces of fruit. The glaze mixture does double duty here—a portion is set aside for combining with cilantro and lemon juice just before serving to make a sauce to serve at the table. An herbed grain pilaf or steamed basmati rice is a perfect accompaniment.




Don’t cross-contaminate the glaze. A portion of the glaze is brushed onto the raw chicken and the remainder is applied after 40 minutes of roasting. To prevent cross-contamination, make sure to separate the glaze into two separate bowls and to wash the brush after the first glazing.

1 hour 20 minutes

20 minutes active


  • 4

    tablespoons (½ stick) salted butter, cut into 4 pieces

  • 1

    teaspoon ground ginger


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Judith F.
December 9, 2022
Oven too hot?
Wonderful recipe, but I had to turn the oven down after half an hour, as the glaze was turning black. Will definitely make again, but at a lower heat.
Jill N.
August 18, 2022
Absolutely wonderful dish! Followed it to the letter. Husband accidentally threw out leftover sauce. Could have killed him! I would lick that stuff off the floor. My only question is how do I keep the chicken skin from burning?
Jason R.

1/2 cup mango chutney? is this store bought? it says see note but I'm not sure what that references.

Janelle C.

Hi Jason,

Yes, use a store-bought chutney. The note refers to the chutney's chunkiness; "If your mango chutney is especially chunky, mash it with a fork or spoon to break up the large pieces of fruit."

The Milk Street Team

Kyt B.

This is delicious, I used bone in skin on chicken thighs, excellent! Would also work with Cornish game hens, which I’ll do next time.

Bonny S.

I really like your recipes. Trying this one this week! I just wish your recipes had Nutritional Information. Or is it listed on your site and I'm missing it?

Janelle C.

At this time we do not provide nutritional information for our recipes.

The Milk Street Team

Kristina F.

This chicken is perfection. I rarely follow recipes to the letter, but absolutely nothing needs to be changed or altered in this one. I used Sukhi's Gourmet Indian Foods' chutney and highly recommend it. Although the roasted chicken with that beautiful, crispy skin is absolutely amazing, due to working full time with two small children, I will mostly be making this with chicken breast on the griddle going forward to shorten the cooking time so we can have it more often. It also pairs wonderfully with the Arroz Verde.

Michele H.

I made this and grilled the whole chicken on the grill, weighting It down with a cast iron skillet. I flipped it quite a bit and used a meat thermometer to temp it. Added more glaze just before serving. Was excellent. I recommend grilling it off of direct heat. I had no issue with the glaze burning using this method.

Jennifer B.

great roast chicken recipe. learning moment with my son as we spatchcocked our chicken. I told him chicks would be impressed. great recipe.

Lorraine T.

Made this tonight with a mango chutney that I made a few months ago and wanted to finish off. It was very good. Of course flavor will depend on the chutney’s flavor more than anything!
I bought the chicken already spatchcocked so I didn’t learn how to do it myself. Next time I will.

Diana L.

I made this tonight. It was good. The sauce made a big difference. Without the sauce it did not have much flavor.

Daphne K.

The flavors for this chicken was outstanding, balanced nicely. First time spatchcocking. Highly recommend.