Instant Pot

Farro with Cremini Mushrooms and Arugula

4 Servings

FAST: 1 hour
Slow: 1¾ hours 35 minutes active

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Farro, a type of wheat, is available as whole-grain, semi-pearled (bran partially removed) and pearled (bran completely removed). The latter varieties are quicker-cooking; we found either type works better than whole-grain for pressure cooking and slow cooking. They also happen to be more widely available. If by chance you have a piece of Parmesan rind, toss it into the pot after adding the water, then remove and discard it just before serving; it will add extra depth of flavor and a touch more umami to the dish. Serve the farro as a light main course or offer it as a side to braised or roasted chicken or pork.




Don't use whole-grain farro, as it won't cook through properly in the times indicated. Bob's Red Mill sells farro that is “lightly scratched.” It works in this recipe but retains a chewier texture than semi-pearled or pearled.

FAST: 1 hour
Slow: 1¾ hours

35 minutes active



Juan G.
December 22, 2022
Made it in the pressure cooker
Great recipe with tremendous potential. First of all, I used a pressure cooker. After soaking the farro in hot water for 1 hour, it only took 4 minutes of pressure cooking. The whole thing took about 30 minutes. I also added a bit of jamón serrano to the onions to give it a richer flavor. Wonderful recipe! Thank you.
Elizabeth S.

Is there an equivalent recipe without instant pot? This looks delicious for one of our meatless meals. Thank you!

Janelle C.

Hi Elizabeth,

Unfortunately, there is not a recipe equivalent for this particular Instant Pot recipe.

The Milk Street Team

Andrew J.

I’ve been adapting these recipes to a standard stovetop pressure cooker with a lot of success. I usually don’t make risotto, but this was super easy and healthier with the farro in place of rice. Just the right amount of rosemary really makes this pop - definitely recommend.