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Double Carrot Soup with Fennel and Lime

4 Servings

35 minutes

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To make this silky soup, we simmer carrots in carrot juice, resulting in an especially vibrant and full-flavored puree. The addition of baking soda may seem unusual, but it helps break down and tenderize the carrots so they blend into a smooth, velvety texture. Fennel seeds and cumin add earthiness and spice to balance the carrots’ natural sweetness, while a little lime juice added at the end brightens the flavors. Butter-toasted sliced almonds sprinkled onto individual bowlfuls add crunchy contrast.




Don’t substitute water or broth for the carrot juice. The juice bolsters the carrots’ flavor as well as their color. Don’t use an immersion blender for this soup; a conventional blender is best for achieving a flawless puree.

35 minutes


  • 4

    tablespoons salted butter, cut into 1-tablespoon pieces, divided

  • ½

    cup sliced almonds


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Ann H.
September 24, 2022
Adjust the Amount of Cumin
This was a good soup, but I found the amount of cumin overpowering, hence the lack of one star on the rating. I made this again, cutting down on the amount of cumin. Much better balance to my tastes as I could now also get a hint of the fennel. The next time I might make it with the addition of some coriander seeds as well. The toppings of nuts and cilantro are great. Also good with a dark, earthy bread spread with a creamy cheese. I tried a bowl with some feta chunks in it and that was good, too. I put some in a quart jar and froze it for over a month, then defrosted overnight in the frig before reheating. Was still delicious. I found bottled carrot juice easily, even in my little town's local grocery....
Diana R.
October 4, 2022
Where to find carrot juice
I find carrot juice in 1 qt. bottles in the bottled juices aisle at the Publix grocery store where I frequently shop.
Mia L.

This was tasty! The fennel, cilantro, cumin and lime balance the sweetness of the carrots well. The almonds make a nice topping.

Tim R.

Where would you find 4C of fresh carrot juice. Certainly not is any health food store or grocery I frequent. If the answer is that we should make it ourselves, then that, along with instructions for doing so, should be part of the recipe. If you have a recipe/technique for making carrot juice in you recipe library. it should be referenced/linked in the soup recipe. If the answer is what I think it is, which is to put enough carrots through a juice extractor to yield 4C of juice, then the recipe is neither as simple or as inexpensive as you make it out to be, First, there's an extra 4-5 Lbs of carrots you have to buy to make the juice. And then there's the cost of a juice extractor if you don't already own one. Which I do not. Very tasty sounding recipe, but also impractical for, I would think, a majority of your readers.

Lynn C.

Hi Tim and Karen -

We checked in with the recipe developer and our recipe editor and the word "fresh" is, we think, where the confusion is happening. This recipe will work with both fresh, cold-pressed juice (like you would find in the refrigerated section) *or* bottled carrot juice you would find in the juice aisle. Although we did most of our testing with fresh, cold-pressed juice, we found it also worked fine with bottled juice so we have removed the word "fresh" from the ingredient list in order to make it easier to make. Bolthouse Farms and Lakewood Organics are two nationwide brands that sell large size bottles of fresh juice in many grocery stores, if you happen to be able to find them.

The Milk Street Team