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Korean-Style Spicy Pork

4 Servings

30 minutes

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In dwaeji bulgogi, or Korean spicy grilled pork, thinly sliced pork, often fatty pork belly, is marinated in a savory-sweet mixture of gochujang and soy sauce. We, however, opt for easier-to-find pork shoulder, cook it in a skillet on the stovetop and add the flavorings last. Like pork belly, shoulder is well marbled and flavorful. If the shoulder you purchase has an exterior layer of fat thicker than ½ inch, trim some off so the dish doesn’t wind up greasy. Serve this with steamed short-grain rice, with lettuce leaves for wrapping, if desired.



30 minutes


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Lisa P.

Above the directions say, "See note" in regard to the cut of pork... Would love to see the note. Maybe that was from the magazine?

Lynn C.

Hi Lisa -

The note is the text above the ingredient list. We've cut and pasted the relevant part below:

If the shoulder you purchase has an exterior layer of fat thicker than ½ inch, trim some off so the dish doesn’t wind up greasy.

The Milk Street Team

John E.

This is a great recipe. Definitely use both the ginger and the garlic. I don't know a store around here (NC) that sells smaller amounts of pork shoulder than a Boston butt. Used a pork tenderloin and it worked out great. Didn't want to overcook so only covered and cooked for about 7 minutes. Also after thinly slicing the ginger decided to mince it and would do that again.

David E.

Marvelous. I didn't trim all the fat off the pork butt and was a little worried, but it seemed to melt away in the course of the 10-minute simmer and made the sauce positively unctuous. I see how this could work with pork belly--maybe I'll try that next. Both garlic and ginger were essential. (It might otherwise seem too gingery.) I replaced the neutral oil with homemade spiced ghee that enhanced the dish's flavors and aromas and if you have something like that (simmer a pound of butter as per regular ghee with onion, ginger, garlic, a cinnamon stick, cardamom, a few cloves, etc. and after an hour strain through cheesecloth...) then use it! The scallions as a garnish add a welcome bite. Sharpen your knife and get on this.