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Pasta with Shrimp and Browned Butter

4 Servings

20 minutes

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We build big flavor into this dish by cooking tagliatelle or pappardelle—dried pastas made with egg—in a skillet, directly in the liquid that becomes the pasta sauce. The noodles' delicate texture pairs perfectly with sweet, briny shrimp and the nuttiness of browned butter. Use larger-sized shrimp, large or extra-large, so they remain tender and plump. Red pepper flakes and lemon juice brighten and balance the richness of this dish.



20 minutes


  • 6

    tablespoons salted butter, divided

  • pounds large or extra-large shrimp, peeled, deveined and patted dry

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Peggy S.
July 5, 2022
Totally delicious!
This recipe was quite easy to execute, and the results were delicious! I used only about half the amount of lemon juice, sweet Kerrygold butter, along with my new favorite pasta, the Sfoglini Saffron Malloreddus. What a magical umami pairing!
Eric S.
June 21, 2022
Simple and Delicious
An easy, quick meal with ingredients likely to be on hand (shrimp excepted). Used two small/medium lemons and seemed about right. Thought I was being generous with red pepper flakes but there was room for more. Will make again!
Steve B.
June 12, 2022
Great, easy recipe
Really liked this. Simple, comes together easily/quickly, and a family of four with very different tastes all agreed it was a keeper. One pan cooking is a bonus when cleaning up.
Dean J.

Is this the end of the recipe? Why is there no indication that this is the last step.....if it is?

Lynn C.

Hi Dean -

This recipe is from our upcoming cookbook, Cookish. Cookish recipes use fresh combinations of flavors and textures to create simple, streamlined and boldly flavored food fast. Because these recipes are so quick, they typically only have a short paragraph of instructions. Hope that helps explain the different recipe style!

The Milk Street Team

Richard G.

What heat level to melt the butter and cook the shrimp? Medium or medium high?

Lynn C.

Hi Richard -

Since this recipe is from our upcoming cookbook, COOKish, it's written in a slightly different style. These recipes are so simple and easy to throw together we didn't find exacting times and temperatures were necessary. Instead, we encourage you to use your senses and follow the visual clues in the recipe. For example, to cook the shrimp, you could use medium, medium-high, medium-low, or low. It will just take longer over lower heat, faster over higher heat. Watch for the browning to occur on the bottom and then remove them from the heat. Good luck!

The Milk Street Team

Nancy C H.

I can’t find either of these pastas, can I substitute egg noodles?

Donna W.

I made this for dinner tonight and it was very good. I only used the juice of one lemon, and am glad I did. That was just perfect for my taste. I am not generally a fan of scallions, but I put them in as directed, and they really added a nice flavor. It is a subtle dish but a lovely combo of flavors. I will make it again for sure.

Thomasa F.

This is a gorgeous and simple recipe and I added cherry tomatoes cut in half, fresh garlic and extra red pepper flakes as I prefer the heat. I serve this over linguini. Delish!!


If using 16 oz of pasta do i double amount of water to 6 cups?

Lynn C.

Hi Shane -

While that would probably work in theory (though timing may be different), we doubt the skillet will be able to hold that much water and pasta. Using a pot other than a skillet won't allow for as much evaporation of the liquid so we can't say for sure if it will work.

The Milk Street Team

Tamara B.

When I printed this, only the first page came out - not the instructions. I had to do a work-around to get the rest.

Amanda R.

Wow, I love this recipe. One thing,.. I'm a beginner and I got confused and over thought the, "SCALLIONS, CUT INTO 1-INCH LENGTHS". I couldn't decide if I was to quarter the bulb or leave it alone...

John N.

If I am using fresh pasta, do I use less water?

Lynn C.

Hi John -

This recipe won't work with fresh pasta. You need enough water to cover the pasta in order for it to cook. By the time that amount of water reduces enough, the fresh pasta will be totally overcooked and mushy.

The Milk Street Team

Josina D.

Is the water supposed to all cook off or be absorbed? Or is it supposed to remain for some reason (like a sort of sauce)?

Pat R.

This is quick, easy, and delicious! At the suggestion of one of the reviewers, I added a handful of fresh garlic and a pint of grape tomatoes cut in half. Followed the directions to a tee. Pasta was perfectly al dente and the shrimp were perfectly cooked. I used quite a bit of the crushed red pepper because we like heat. One pan, 10 min. cooking time, and voila! Recipe is definitely a keeper.