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The Complete Milk Street TV Show Cookbook

Complete Milk Street Tv Show Cookbook


Potatoes with an herbal twist

Potato and Herb Focaccia

3½ hours 30 minutes active

Yukon Gold potatoes gave the focaccia color and texture, and didn’t require peeling. Their starchy, herb-infused cooking liquid added flavor to the dough. We liked a combination of rosemary and thyme, but oregano and bay leaves worked, too. After the dough comes together, you may need to add more cooking liquid (up to ¼ cup) to achieve the proper texture; the dough should be very soft and sticky, and just barely clear the sides of the bowl. Let the dough rise in a warm area. If your kitchen is very cold, it may need more than an hour. The focaccia is delicious with a sprinkling of herbs and black pepper, but Kalamata olives and Parmesan cheese were welcome additions. Flaky sea salt, such as Maldon, was a nice touch, as well.

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