Puddings Chômeur

4 Servings

1 hour 15 minutes active

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This gooey Québecois dessert is said to have been created during the Great Depression, when many people were au chômage, or unemployed. The individual “puddings” have the texture of a cake-like biscuit, with crusty edges moistened by maple and cream. The vanilla ice cream may seem unnecessary, but its cold creaminess is the perfect foil for the rich, warm puddings. You'll need four 6-ounce ramekins for this recipe. If you like, it can be doubled to serve eight.




Don't use maple-flavored syrup. This dessert gets its flavor from pure maple syrup. We especially liked the puddings made with darker syrups, which tend to have a deeper, richer taste. But lighter “amber” syrups were good, too.

1 hour

15 minutes active


  • 6

    tablespoons (¾ stick) salted butter, softened, plus more for ramekins

  • 1

    cup maple syrup (see note)


Dan R.
January 29, 2023
Make ahead?
Can the batter be made ahead and kept in the fridge for an extended period of time (say, 4-6 hours or so)? I'd like to do these as dessert for some guests, but after dealing with dinner cleanup, the idea of then whipping up an (even relatively simple) scratch dessert seems like too much. Having the dough ready to go ahead of time and just dealing with the maple sauce, however, seems extremely doable.
Lynda T.

I really think the amount of vinegar has got to be a misprint. This was delicious until it turned overly tart due to 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar. I’m going to make it again starting with one teaspoon! I’ll try tasting and add more only if it seems to need something.

Lynn C.

Hi Lynda -

Yes, 2 tablespoons is the correct amount of vinegar to balance the sweetness of the maple syrup. I would make sure to add it right after you remove the pan from the heat. The residual heat of the pan will soften the vinegar flavor a bit. If you wait too long to add it it may end up too sharp. Feel free to reduce it, though, if it's still not to your liking. Hope that helps!

The Milk Street Team

Jocelyn M.

Could you swap honey for the molasses without compromising the texture?

Megan S S.

This is delicious and VERY rich. Leftovers were nice the next day as well.

Shiori H.

I made this today and was really pleased with the results. The acidity of the vinegar mellows as it bakes and really does complement the sweetness of the syrup. Simple and quick to make. Very rich as others have noted.

Kathleen P.

Could these be frozen for later cooking or consumption?

Lynn C.

Hi Kathleen -

Unfortunately, we haven't tested freezing these puddings.

The Milk Street Team