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Pan-Seared Steak with Red Chimichurri

4 Servings

30 minutes

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When it comes to steak, we skip marinades and opt instead to apply bold flavorings immediately after cooking so that as the meat rests, the muscle fibers relax and absorb the seasonings. Then after slicing, we finish the steak with additional sauce or relish for a fresh infusion of flavor. In this recipe, Argentinian red chimichurri—the lesser-known sibling of green chimichurri—adds rich, spicy, herbal notes to simple pan-seared steak. If using flank or skirt steak, cut the meat into two or three pieces that fit comfortably in the skillet.



30 minutes


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Margo H.

Do you recommend medium-high, or high heat for the steak?

Lynn C.

Hi Margo -

Medium-high heat should be hot enough on most stovetops. If you find you aren't getting the browning you'd like, feel free to increase to high.

The Milk Street Team

Paul J.

Made the red Chimichurri and had it with a grilled steak - it was really good. Before I put it on the steak, I tasted it - at first I thought it was going to be too spicy and overpower the steak - but, it really was great with the meat. I let the chimichurri sit in refrigerator overnight before using it - thought that helped the flavors meld. Have some sauce leftover - might try it on some grilled chicken or pork chop. Very good sauce - will make again - nice to have a red variation.

Lauri E.

Thank you for your comment! Your comment is currently under moderation and will appear shortly.

Teresa J.

I just watched you and your staff make this today. However, the way you made it on tv and the recipe don't match. For example, on tv, you recommended a 2" steak and to do reverse searing which really interested me. However, when I went to our meat store, the butcher said all the steaks recommended on the formula were thin steaks. Also, the formula didn't mention reverse searing at all. Nor were the seasonings on the formula the same as the ones you used on tv. I wish I could rewatch to refresh my memory now. How about matching the formula with the tv method?
Teresa Jones

Lynn C.

Hi Teresa - This steak and chimichurri recipe is from our Cookish cookbook and is meant to be quicker, stovetop version of the one we did on TV. You can find the TV recipe here -

The Milk Street Team

David G.

We saw the show last night where Chris and Bianca made Strip Steak with Red Chimichurri. Did a search on your site, found this, but the ingredients looked different. After reading the comments, I discovered that it's not the same recipe, it's a similar, shortcut version. I want to make the one I saw demonstrated on TV, not a shortcut version, and I'm glad I figured it out and didn't waste my money buying expensive ingredients only to find out I wasn't making what I thought I was making.

It's really confusing that you have two recipes that are so close to one another on this site. Maybe you should put a big warning at the top of this recipe that it's not the same one as the one that was on TV, or change the name to make it apparent they're different.

Kiki H.

Ditto what they said. I actually subscribed to your online store to get the recipe I just watched. Immediately I realized it was not the same recipe at all. Sadly, once again consumer being fooled into paying for a subscription that duped me!

Carol J.

Shame on you for not giving the correct recipe from the show! I too was duped into buying a subscription thinking I could get "THE" recipe!! NOT HAPPY!

Lynn C.

Hi All -

If you are subscribers to the website you should have access to both recipes. The recipe linked from the TV website is the recipe featured on the show - Oven-Perfect Strip Steak with Chimichurri. Please let us know if you are accessing the recipe in another way that needs to be fixed and I will contact our web team to resolve it. Thank you!

The Milk Street Team