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Instant Pot

Ropa Vieja (Fast & Slow)

6-8 Servings

FAST: 1 hour
Slow: 9 to 10 hours 40 minutes active

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Ropa vieja, considered by many to be the national dish of Cuba, is a stewy mixture of shredded beef with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, often accented with briny olives. The name translates as “old clothes,” a reference to the tattered look of the slow-simmered and shredded meat. We preferred flank steak for its rich, meaty flavor, and for the way its fibers shred easily after braising. Look for an extra-large flank steak, which should weigh about 3 pounds, or use multiple steaks. This recipe makes a generous amount, but leftovers reheat well. Ropa vieja traditionally is served with rice and beans; we also like a simple cabbage slaw alongside to add crunch and bright flavor.




Don’t forget to reserve ¼ cup of the tomato juices before draining the can; adding the reserved liquid to the pot along with the tomatoes will prevent the “burn” error message from appearing on the display. Before shredding the beef, make sure to discard the accumulated liquid in the bowl; if poured back into the pot, the liquid will water-down the dish.

FAST: 1 hour
Slow: 9 to 10 hours

40 minutes active



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John H.
June 21, 2022
Nice Cuban Dish
Loved this dish, very flavorful. Served with Beans and Rice on the side.
Brett B.

These recipes should be clearly marked whether they are Instantpot recipes. I bought all the ingredients and got home only to discover after reading the details that this was instantpot and I do not have one.

Janelle C.

Hi Brett,

For this particular recipe, there is a non-Instant Pot version, which is why this recipe is labeled as Fast & Slow (the title of our Instant Pot cookbook). Perhaps, you mistakenly selected this recipe, but in any case, the non-Instant Pot version is tagged on this page simply as Ropa Veja:

The Milk Street Team

Richard W.

how about those of us with a pressure cooker? i have the Fissler vitaquick 8.5 qt.

Maria K.

I made this tonite and it was delicious! Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!

Sarah R.

Good not great. The olives are CRITICAL to this dish, so don't leave them out. I am puzzled as to why MS chose to use $30+ worth of flank steak instead of something more economical like chuck roast.

Candice B.

Flank steak is the traditional cut of meat for Roja Vieja. Anything else changes the flavor and texture. Having lived in the Caribbean, I doubt any Cuban or Puerto Rican would call it Ropa Vieja using anything else.

Candice B.

Made this dish using the instant pot fast method. The flavors were spot on, but I was disappointed with final result for the flank steak. It was a bit tougher and dryer than what I was aiming for. May try the to extend the cooking time a bit next time. I've made Roja Vieja several times using traditional methods, so I'm familiar with the texture it should have.