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Spicy Peanut and Vegetable Stew

4 Servings

1 hour 20 minutes active

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Maafe (also spelled mafe or mafé) is a spicy West African stew made rich with peanut butter. It typically contains meat, but we make a vegetarian version that’s hearty with sweet potatoes (or butternut squash) and turnip (or carrot). We like the color and tender-crisp texture that sliced okra adds to the dish, but it’s an optional ingredient. If you do add it, stir it into the stew with only about five minutes of simmering left so it doesn’t overcook. Serve with steamed rice for a satisfying meat-free meal.




Don’t be afraid of the habanero chilies. They’re whole but slit with a paring knife, so they add fruity flavor and just a little heat. For a really spicy stew, cut the chilies in half to expose the ribs where fiery capsaicin resides, but remember to remove and discard all the halves before serving.

1 hour

20 minutes active



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Keith G.
December 19, 2022
So delicious
This is such a hearty and flavorful dish. I started it in a large skillet and then moved the tomato and peanut butter base to a crock pot and added the carrots and sweet potatoes and let it cook all day. I added okra and kale the last 30 minutes or so and then mashed the habaneros within the stew since I like heat. Such an awesome vegetarian meal. I will be making it again.
Lou-Ann L.

This must be the easiest, most satisfying vegetarian recipe from milk street. I added minced ginger and ground cumin around the time I added the tomato paste. Instead of okra, I used Japanese eggplant and added more ginger and it turned out amazing. Will be making this recipe again and again

Jackie R.

I am glad I read this - I thought the addition of a little ginger and cumin sounded nice, and I added some garlic-chili sauce. Mine was also made with bell peppers, green beans, sweet potatoes, and white potatoes (based on what I had on hand, no turnips or okra), but everything else was as called for in the recipe, and I thought it turned very well.