Instant Pot

Steamed Whole Cauliflower

4 Servings

40 minutes 5 minutes active

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Steaming a whole head of cauliflower is easy (no need to cut it into florets) and pressure-cooking makes the process hands-off and fuss-free. Make sure to trim the base of the head so it sits flat, and remove any large, thick-stemmed green leaves; the small inner leaves become tender with cooking. This recipe is for basic salt-and-pepper seasoned cauliflower, but we've included a few simple high-impact flavor options, too. To make this, you will need the steam rack with handles that was included with the Instant Pot.




Don't use a large head of cauliflower. Up to 2½ pounds is fine, but a larger head will not cook evenly in the time indicated; the very core will be underdone.

40 minutes

5 minutes active



Mulligan N.

Where can we find the "high impact flavor options"?

Janelle C.

Hi Mulligan,

Thank you for flagging this! We've tagged the recipes, which you can find bellow the ingredients list.

The Milk Street Team

Julie P.

I just made the miso version. Flavor was great but the cauliflower was over cooked. If I try it again I will cut the pressure cooking in half and vent after 10 minutes.