Thai Red Curry Squash Soup

4 Servings

1 hour 40 minutes active

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We take a shortcut and reach for store-bought Thai red curry paste to make this silky, rich soup. Together with coconut milk, ginger and lemon grass, it gives the soup incredible body and fragrance, as well as a little heat. To add another level of flavor, we fry shallots in oil until crisp, then reserve them for garnish. Firm, dense kabocha squash is our first choice, but you can substitute delicata or butternut; note that if using delicata squash, it does not need to be peeled.




Don’t overcook the shallots. Remove them from the oil when they’re lightly golden. As they cool, they continue to darken, by a shade or two, and also become crisp.

1 hour

40 minutes active


  • ¼

    cup grapeseed or other neutral oil

  • 3

    medium shallots, halved and thinly sliced


Amy T.

I made this tonight and it was great- silky and flavourful. I added roasted peanuts as a garnish (they're mentioned at the end of the recipe) and they went well with the flavours.

John E.

This was great. Used 2 Tbsp Thai Kitchen red curry paste and thought needed more heat so added some cayenne at the end. Yes chopped roasted peanuts would be a great addition (should add to ingredient list or mention it in before last step in recipe). Great flavor and minimal fuss — another winner.

Linda B.

Wondered if the 2 lbs of kabocha squash is the weight of the squash before cooking or the weight of the flesh from the squash after cooking. My 3.7 pound uncooked kabocha yielded about 2.2 pounds of cooked flesh.

Lynn C.

Hi Linda -

Two pounds of whole, raw squash that is then cut into 2-inch chunks and then simmered in coconut water and water.

The Milk Street Team