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Toasted Orzo Salad with Roasted Pepper, Feta and Herbs

4 to 6 Servings

45 minutes

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This pasta salad was inspired by the Greek feta and red pepper spread called htipiti. Toasting the orzo in olive oil until golden brown before simmering gives the rice-shaped pasta a rich, nutty flavor and aroma. Lemon juice brightens the flavors and balances the saltiness of the feta, while pistachios add texture and fresh dill and mint bring green, grassy notes. Freshly roasted bell pepper is preferable, but substituting 1 cup of jarred roasted red peppers works, too; just pat them dry before chopping. The salad is best served at room temperature the day it is made, but will keep up to two days covered in the refrigerator.

4 to 6



Don’t be shy about getting a good char on the bell pepper. The skin should be blackened and blistered on all sides; rotate the pepper as needed while it’s under the broiler. After roasting, be sure to put the pepper into a covered bowl and allow it to steam. This step loosens the skin so that peeling is a breeze.

45 minutes



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Cathy R.
December 28, 2023
Toasted Orzo
Fast and easy. Added a few whole pistachios to the top of each serving.
Jon S.
June 9, 2023
Cookish, Indeed!
Nice and easy and highly house-able! Personally, I like roasting my own, if only to keep my fridge from filling up faster.
Michael Y.
May 6, 2023
Very good. Buy roasted red peppers
This is very good and I will be making this again soon. Two suggestions- Roasting the peppers yourself adds nothing so just buy the jarred kind. Also, I think medium is too low to cook the orzo. I think you need medium high.