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Triple Ginger Scones with Chocolate Chunks

12 Scones

1 hour 15 minutes 40 minutes active

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These rich, flavor-packed oversized scones are the creation of Briana Holt of Tandem Coffee + Bakery in Portland, Maine. Ginger in three different forms—ground, fresh and crystallized—give these breakfast pastries plenty of kick, as does ground black pepper. Keep both the butter and buttermilk in the refrigerator until you're ready to use them so they stay as cold as possible, which makes the dough easier to handle. Holt recommends serving the scones after they've cooled to room temperature, but we also loved them warm, while the chocolate is soft and melty.




Don't worry if the flour-butter mixture doesn't form a cohesive dough immediately after all the buttermilk has been added. In fact, it will be very crumbly, but a brief kneading and the act of shaping and pressing the mixture into disks will bring it together. When kneading, though, take care not to overwork the dough, which will result in tough, not tender, scones.

1 hour 15 minutes

40 minutes active


  • 455

    grams (3½ cups) all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting

  • 67

    grams (5 tablespoons) white sugar


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Keiko S.
September 18, 2022
Favorite scones
My family and friends love this scones. I try to keep some in freezer too. Once my grown-up daughter said it did not have enough ginger punch. Before the prep, I have been tasting all three ginger ingredients ever since. Fresh, ground, candied gingers are not always the same intensity. I was born and grew up in Japan. Ginger is my staple just as garlic. This daughter pops in every now and then asking if any Triple Ginger Scones in my freezer. And many requests from friends. Not only the recipe itself but how you prep and bake makes difference. So my friends get recipe from me but not getting the same result. I do watch Milk Street the Scone making TV program periodically as a reminder to do it right. Thank you for the TV shows.
Anthony M.
July 23, 2022
Go-To Scones
I love these scones and make them about once a month (they freeze well!). Buttery, gingery, chocolate-y. What's not to like?
Laura B.
August 15, 2022
Repeat, Repeat at all costs!
Love, love these. I first tasted them at Tandem Bakery, in Portland, ME, where the recipe originated. I have been making them for years. I freeze them, and every morning my husband and I split one with coffee, that is, until we run out! I substitute ginger paste for the fresh ginger, that way I almost always have every ingredient that I need on hand.
Laurie C.

2.5 tsp. of salt is way too much for this recipe. Is this a typo?

Janelle C.

Hi Laurie,

2.5 teaspoons is the correct amount of salt. Just make sure you're using kosher salt as the larger grain size of sea salt, flakey salt and etc. will produce a saltier pastry.

The Milk Street Team

Susan S.

I’ve made these 3 times and love the way they taste, but every time they ooze butter while they bake. I follow the recipe carefully down to keeping the butter and buttermilk cold. Any ideas?

Amy J.

Unbelievably delicious. I had to decrease the ginger somewhat but I love to makes these to give to friends and everyone loves them.

Lara B.

I love these scones and have made them multiple times with various add ins other than the ginger. I personally think that 2.5 tsp kosher salt is way too much salt. I make these with 1 tsp kosher salt and would not want more. Great scone recipe otherwise!

Mary Jane B.

Made them this morning, a lot of steps, agree with others that they were maybe a bit salty, didn't have kosher so used sea salt that I ground. I too had butter ooze out while they were baking but didn't affect anything. Think they were too big and would make maybe 16 instead of 12 out of the dough. In order to decrease the labor, I believe I'll skip the grated fresh ginger or reduce the amount just to save on labor and 2 out of 3 ginger additions should be enough.

Kelsey C.

Yum! These are so good, but a lot of work. Thankfully, they freeze great - I freeze them individually and bake them from frozen at the same oven temp for the same amount of time and they turn out amazing! So nice to have a warm scone out of the oven and have already done all the work!

Diana L.

They taste good. I could not put so much nutmeg and ginger (I put 1 tsp of nutmeg and 1/2 of ginger) as a family member does not like it. Because they taste good, I can probably go without these spices. I only put 12 tablespoons of butter and nothing ooze after it was baked and 1 tsp of table salt (I think a little more is needed... probably as written above 1 and 1/4 tsp). My kid liked it.