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Episode 109
December 31, 2016

Ziggy Marley Stirs it Up

This week on Milk Street Radio, we interview Ziggy Marley about his new cookbook. 

“For me, the most special moments is when it comes from the place that you can’t explain. A lot of my songs, the one’s that ... give me that other worldly experience, I can’t explain how they came,” Marley says. “Those experiences is what kind of let me know that there is more out there in our world that we don’t understand.”

Dr. Aaron Carroll considers whether drinking is good for you; wine expert Stephen Meuse argues why Beaujolais is best for the holidays; we unveil our recipe for oven poached salmon; and, as always, Christopher Kimball and Sara Moulton take your calls.

Ziggy Marley Stirs It Up