For game day party planning on 2022's Super Bowl, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re rooting for the home team or just in it for the snacks, we suggest going big this year, and by that we mean big-batch Super Bowl recipes that will feed a crowd. There’s always a place for finger food, and you’ll need some of that, too. But making one or two large-format dishes, whether it’s touchdown-worthy chili or chicken soup, will make cooking up a Super Bowl menu quick and easy. And what does that mean for you? More time to spend in front of the TV, analyzing every play of the game—or the commercials.

Miso-Gochujang Pulled Pork


White miso and gochujang provide deep, savory-sweet notes and lots of complex flavor to oven-braised pork butt.

Colombian Avocado Salsa (Ají de Aguacate)


In this Colombian version of guacamole, fresh chilies add brightness and piquancy that contrast with the cool richness of the avocados.

Harissa Hot Chicken Wings


This riff on buffalo wings features international flavor inspiration with Middle Eastern Za’atar and North African harissa paste.

Black-Eyed Pea and Sweet Potato Stew


Combining simmered black-eyed peas and sweet potatoes, Senegalese ndambe (pronounced NAM-bay) is a great vegetarian recipe to stand up to any other meat-centric dishes on the menu.

Garlic-Rosemary Burgers with Taleggio Sauce


This deeply savory burger and two-ingredient cheese sauce come together quickly to create an elegant and flavorful twist to an American classic.

Creamy Whipped Hummus with Fried Chickpeas


Punt the American supermarket hummus this year and make our homemade version—with contrasting textures of smooth, creamy hummus and a fried spiced chickpea garnish—instead.

Carne Adovada


This chili from New Mexico is bright, rich and as much about the peppers as it is about the pork.

Spicy Harissa Dipping Sauce


Use this simple dipping sauce any time you'd reach for ketchup - it goes with anything from fries to wings.

Turkish Meatballs with Lime Yogurt Sauce


Serve these meatballs, which work well if they’re all beef or made with a blend of lamb and beef, with cool yogurt, and see how fast they go.

Central Mexican Guacamole


Mashing cilantro, chilies and onion in the same bowl as the avocados makes preparing this authentic Mexican guacamole recipe as simple as its ingredients.

Piri Piri Chicken


Garlic, lemon, paprika, and New Mexico or California chili powder are the building blocks of this bright, bold and saucy chicken dish.

Pork and Chorizo Stew with Peppers (Carcamusa)


This simplified version of a Spanish tapa uses jarred roasted red peppers, while dry sherry and chorizo add the authentic Spanish flavor.

Mexican Chicken Soup with Tomatillos and Hominy


This soup gets a flavor boost from blackened, blistered vegetables and heat from jalapeños. For more heat, use serranos or include the chilies' seeds.

Beer-Braised Short Ribs (Costolette di Manzo Brassate Alla Birra)


Porcini mushrooms, slivered almonds, and dark ale add earthiness to this hearty Italian short rib dish.

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Fig, Blue Cheese and Prosciutto Pizza


It might be one of the busiest days of the year for pizza delivery, but why order in when you can make something that hits all the right notes—sweet and savory—like this pie?

Chili Verde Turkey Tacos


These tacos are a great way to use leftover turkey, but the meat from a rotisserie chicken works, too. Canned tomatillos make the prep go quickly.

Ancho Chili Soup


This simple, meat-free spin on tortilla soup is all about the ancho chilies, dried ripe poblano chilies with a mild heat balanced by notes of tobacco, cocoa and dried fruit.

Honey Sage Turmeric Chicken Wings


These addictive baked chicken wings balance sweet and heat with a thick, flavorful paste made with aromatics, honey and a handful of staple ingredients that create layers of flavor enhanced by a tempura and sage-crusted skin.

Black Beans with Bacon and Tequila


Bacon gives these beans a subtle smokiness, chipotle chilies add both smoke and spice and tequila - although optional - brings complexity to this black bean recipe.

Turkey Meatballs in Tomato-Chipotle Sauce (Albóndigas en Chipotle)


The pressure (cooker) is on for these turkey meatballs, but you won't even break a sweat when making this easy Instant Pot recipe. Pepper jack cheese and chipotle chilies add richness and kick to this Mexican classic.

To see the rest of our Super Bowl food picks, including spicy margaritas and extra-chocolatey cookies that are sure to be crowd-pleasers, check out our entire collection of Super Bowl recipes.

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